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Who can stop working? Controversy with Beyoncé’s new ‘single’ that encourages her to resign

She knows how to break the internet. With her new single, Break My Soul, a preview of her next album, Renaissance, Beyoncé has once again caused a stir on the networks. This 90s house dance song contains a message that invites you to leave your alienating job to reinvent yourself, stop being burnt out and be happy. The diva born in Houston (Texas) has thus created an anthem for The Great Resignation, the social phenomenon that emerged as a result of the pandemic that has led 47 million people to voluntarily leave their jobs since the spring of 2020 only in the United States, according to Business Insider. In Spain, the Hays 2022 Labor Market Guide indicates that 54% of employees do not feel motivated in their jobs and even the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has addressed the issue of The great resignation and last May he assured that it was not yet something serious in the country: «I want to send a message of tranquility. In Spain there is no problem of resignation. It was precisely Anthony Klotz, a psychologist and business professor at A&M University in Beyoncé’s home state, who gave this phenomenon its name. As Jaume I University professor Vicente Castelló analyzed in 2021 in Cinco Días, «the explanation of what is happening is due to the pandemic epiphanies (being aware that, all of a sudden, we need a change). Every important change in our lives is born out of conviction or compulsion. But only a few change out of conviction. Most of us do it out of compulsion, out of crisis, because there is no other choice”. That happens in the theme that Beyoncé has presented this week. “I just fell in love / And I just quit my job / I’m going to find a new motivation,” the artist sings on her new single. And the lyrics continue (with the voice of Big Freedia): “Put out your anger, free your mind / Drop your job, give yourself time / Drop your business, release the stress / Drop the love, forget the rest,” his lyrics say. “Beyoncé is now the unofficial spokesperson for The Great Resignation. Well, she keeps working but she sees you and how burnt out you are », ironically Danielle Cohen in The Cut. Because the singer, in this preview of what will be her seventh studio album, invites her to leave work, but she does not leave hers, although she could do so without any (economic) problem. According to data from Forbes, the artist adds a fortune in 2022 that amounts to 450 million dollars. In this article that we published in S Moda, we explained how much you need to save to leave a job in which you are not doing well, pointing out that the solution to make this determination is to follow what is known as the 80% rule: for our economy, we do not overwhelmed, we should have at least 80% of what we used to charge in our workplace each month. Different Twitter users, where the topic has been a trend, have highlighted the paradox that it is precisely she who encourages them to leave a job. In her song, the Texan makes reference to another labor anthem, 9 to 5 that Dolly Parton composed in 1980, with which she won a Grammy in 1982 and was part of the soundtrack of the homonymous film (in which the country star shared the screen with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin). With this song, Parton reflected the discomfort of an office worker who worked “from nine to five, service and devotion” and underscored her frustration with phrases like this: “I want to move forward, but it doesn’t seem like the boss is going to let me.” She appealed to “change your life, do something that gives it meaning.” Beyoncé now picks up the baton and sings: “They make me work so hard / I work at nine / And then past five / And they get on my nerves / That’s why I can’t sleep at night.” She talks about being burned out at work and the stress that this generates, a very present topic in daily conversations. Has the artist been able to capture the spirit of the times with her new song, or has she taken advantage of a sensitive issue in society to achieve a hit? She continues reading How to look for work while you are in another (without your boss noticing)

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