When Mona wears clothes in silk. Happiness

The debut feature is a very low-budget black and white production by Argentine multimedia artist Amalia Ullman, who uses only color in his mind-blowing epilogue, shot in Oviedo, when Martin Scorsese received the Princess of Asturias Award was. plant to remember wanderer, a Marco Ferreri film written by Rafael Azcona and my favorite of them all, starring the genius of Pepe Isbert, a prodigy in the skin of that stubborn old man who was infatuated with a vehicle for the paralyzed. It’s likely they made the association because I think Azcona may have been fascinated by this black comedy, provincial about a mother and daughter on the verge of eviction, who wander around Gijón and wear their fur and jewelry. Wearing give away funny little stick. I discovered the film in the programming of the last Buenos Aires Film Festival, where the film, which was also selected at Sundance, was awarded. I haven’t gotten it out of my head since then.

mother of plant She is the director of the film and the real mother of the protagonist. The camera follows Amalia and Elle Ullman, into a funny and bleak panorama of economic crisis as seen from a gray town where everything is sold or rented. Amalia’s character is that of a fashion student in London who returns to her home in Asturias to visit her mother, whose power supply has already been disconnected. Ullman, who performed at the Tate Modern in 2014 excellence and perfection, a project linked to the false narratives of social networks, has received the applause of Miranda July, a filmmaker with whom she has an aesthetic connection and who was fascinated by a film that is about to acquire an authenticity that can only be orthopedic. In this, see the bond between a mother and daughter as useless because they are happy and capricious.

With your special humor and love, plant is some of gray garden, is a seminal film to understand how the oasis of Heaven and Hell involves a mother-child relationship. for the women of plant It’s like crazy Bouvier: They survive on expired yogurts as long as they’re dressed in silk.

Amalia Ullman with her mother, in fiction and in real life, Elle Ullman. Photo: Rob Kulisek

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