Was aerobics a liberation for women or the beginning of a new bond?  |  wellness, feminism, fashion

“Are you ready?” Just a few seconds at the beginning of the video, “Are you ready?” The first cry of it foreshadows the busy stuff that will happen over the next few minutes. A sequence shot warm-up and . Follows the choreography designed for the millimeter by the division on metal bars following the rhythm of a bars Pum Pum mid eighties fluorescent sign Jane’s Fonda Workout, to make it clear that this is all about gymnastics and its protagonist, Jane Fonda, is going to make it hard for you.

From there, one loses count right, left, back, up, down (right, left, back, up and down) in Fonda’s voice to direct the aerobic movements that get the maximum intensity to that crowd. His group of dancers appears to be immersed in a shamanic ritual, but it is fatigue rather than ayahuasca that brings that high. Tired of seeing it. They seem to have lived an almost mystical journey through their bodies over the course of 90 minutes that lasts until the 1982 VHS, the best-seller of all time in history that revolutionized the way we understand music. Health In this world. Above all, for women.

for Annie Weisman, series producer physicaHe hit the Apple TV+ grill a few weeks back, the scene is quite familiar. A San Diego native, she worked as an aerobics instructor before becoming a television screenwriter and embraced that compulsive, women-centered way of exercising. The same trajectory is shared by fictional character Sheila Rubin (Rose Byrne), a housewife who hides a dark, sarcastic and misunderstood side behind a happy side, which she reveals through a voice-over. Under the shadow of a clumsy husband, who decides to run as an environmental politician after losing his job, Sheela decides to change her physical life and take the adventure of becoming an aerobics teacher in a shopping center and later , became a star of the world. . Health on VHS.

By now this may sound like another tale of female emancipation, but not exactly purple. Parallel to this tale of self-improvement, the toxic relationship Sheila maintains with her body suffers from her own thinness (and that of others), which causes her to vomit large amounts of food during episodes of stress and anxiety. inspires to. This autobiographical plot of Weisman in the series, who suffered frequent episodes of bulimia (like Jane Fonda) in his youth, makes The vision of taking care of the body and especially the exercise practiced by Nayak shakes off any predictions of female emancipation that we have in mind. “Sheila finds an opportunity to tap into her inner anger and anger in aerobics and eventually let it go,” Weisman explained. an interview for podcast networks the ringer. “It is a replacement. A passion for another”.

To clarify whether one has a feminist background, it is imperative to know why aerobics became a real ‘boom’ that pulled in generations of women. Her first training tapes went on to sell 17 million copies, first to Jane Fonda, and later to Jane Fonda. To shape the saga of Cindy Crawford and her video, who will inaugurate the best seller shape your body workout in 1992. The American supermodel elevates aerobics to the height of the video clip, in which a very meticulous aesthetic dotted with shots worthy of Peter Lindbergh, avoided by George Michael and the rooftops of New York to show that a drop of fat was sweat. Same level as a fashion show.

Was Aerobics A Liberation For Women Or The Beginning Of A New Bond? | Wellness, Feminism, Fashion - Light Home News

On an interview daily US Today, Weimar notes that The socio-political context in which women had to live in the eighties was the reason why they channeled their non-conformity and lack of fulfillment in sport. During these years the transition occurred between the last remnants of the idealism of the sixties and the beginning of the Reagan era. Women like my mother felt that the women’s political (liberation) movement had failed them and wanted to find new ways to feel powerful. One of them was through fitness and physical strength”. The action-response principle that, according to journalist and activist Neria Pérez de las Heras, S. Moda, has continued since the founding of the feminist movement. “It has been proven that every decade of feminist progress is followed by a wave of backlash. After the seventies, in which women lived a decisive moment of emancipation, especially in the sexual sphere, the eighties came in contrast. Machismo And patriarchs are very strategic and always find a way to survive, usually things like capitalization and ‘female emancipation’ that have nothing to do with it. This was the case with Madonna’s corset, very marked of aerobics The hyper-femininity demanded by the waist or the excess of makeup and jewelry”.

If the germ of everything already calls into question any feminist foundation, it’s its own staging that destroys it. For those who are not familiar with these tapes, we will give a brief summary. when we give Play A nimble body appears before us, without an inch of body fat and harder than a rock. A divinity with a military command voice that we must emulate and aspire to. They’re almost unreal women, like supermodel Elle Macpherson whose nickname “The Body” also serves as a claim for fitness videos. physical exercise with little success in the nineties.

You need to follow 90 minutes of this intense training every day to achieve ‘only’ that ideal of beauty. In the background, the constant slogans of personal improvement such as the famous “no pain no gain” (“No Pain, No Reward”) Popularized by Jane Fonda in the 1980s. The message is clear: You have to sweat and work hard. Forget getting it without hard work. And if you don’t, you’ll feel bad, like when Eva Nasare was doing a roll call on her TVE program fine tuning Asking spectators if they played the game at home that day. “That ‘bounce’ of vibration machines and the aspiration to become supermodels like Cindy Crawford was nothing more than a new market mechanism to extort money from precarious women through our insecurities,” says Neria Perez de las Heras.

In her book, Lidia A. Cuesta, a journalist and researcher on sports and women at the Institute for Feminist and Gender Research (INSTIFEM), analyzes fit girls (Lunberg, 2017) In an ironic and funny way, the current obsession we live with is fitness and taking care of our bodies. A very fruitful industry that had a turnover of about $97 billion in 2020 and originated in these eighties, and with aerobics in particular, had the first major impact on society. “The eighties were the beginning of postmodernism, with extreme individualism, audiovisual culture and consumerism as key elements, and related milestones such as the brutal success of the figure of Jane Fonda. With her, and of her aerobics workouts. with, The role of female mother and wife changed to the role of sexy lady. This has left many women, fed up with their lives as family caregivers and some working outside the home, looking to aerobics as an escape route. But where to run?”, he explains to S Moda. “Far from being empowering and at the very least being feminist, it transformed women into a new environment of oppression and cult of the body in the name of overcoming feminist and neoliberalism, i.e. by neutralizing collective struggle and discriminated against women ( Interest in rooting out (political) root only benefits at an individual level.”

Was Aerobics A Liberation For Women Or The Beginning Of A New Bond? | Wellness, Feminism, Fashion - Light Home News

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All this phenomenon of false empowerment, he insists, began in those years by encouraging women to play sports at home, especially in the kitchen, “with their mop or broom to clean the dust.” If not, as a weight with your baby or with your baby stroller at the park… beware of the empowerment that can lead to playing closed games with your baby in tow or in the kitchen!” The situation is being repeated at present, due to the lack of reconciliation in the lives of the so-called ‘superwomen’, workers and mothers, always conscious of family care, as revealed by one fit girl Along with many of Costa’s followers on Instagram during her first research on feminism and gender. “He admitted to me that he always leaves the house with his mobile in case something happens, even if it’s 6 in the morning before running, before going to work (while your kids and your husband, who plays paddle tennis) Afternoon, go to sleep)”.

In the beauty segment, the emphasis is on harassment. With impossible diets and infinite exercise tables, a fashion for coordinated looks (and intense consumerism) prevails to the smallest detail, Based on the questionable comfort and ultra-tight bodies of the heavy trunks, which make movement more difficult than the lighter ones. Not to mention windblown manes from hairdressers or attached to a towel bar across the forehead. The makeup, rather than being absent, was pronounced to the extent of the play. “The incident established a dynamic among women that infantilized them (the return of pink in clothing and sneakers, infant language with slogans such as “women don’t sweat, we shine”), tope de Power “, “we women win today” or “find the best version of you”…) and being able to go out for a run or get a little exercise rewarded all kinds of effort and sacrifices,” Cuesta explains. The journalist points to the similarity she shares with classical ballet dress, which presses and keeps the female waist in the foreground. “Something really uncomfortable for the vast majority of women, whose bodies and stomachs are flat. and are not irreversible, but rather expand during breathing. Ballet attire reproduces in such a way that aerobics’ passion for compressing the abdomen by wearing high-waisted stockings below”.

Was Aerobics A Liberation For Women Or The Beginning Of A New Bond? | Wellness, Feminism, Fashion - Light Home News


Four decades later, the message of emancipation and overcoming with intense exercise and demanding diets is still more present in society than ever before, but with a different point of view, as Neria points out. It no longer sells weight loss but the feeling that we lead a healthier life, Something increasingly dangerous as evidenced by the growing number of people suffering from orthorexia, a metal disorder stemming from an obsession with maintaining a healthy diet. “Ito fit, healthy eating, and even what Shapely And this body positive They are capitalizable. Stevia or oats are no longer sold as a way to slim down but as healthy foods,” he says. “Brands have realized that women are no longer like supermodels and that’s what they’re trying to sell.” He is a perceived inclusion with his products through that story. But they don’t care about that story, all they want is to sell.”