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Victoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias (Stretching the Gum): “We need a contemplative life and do absolutely nothing” | Fashion

In one of the last episodes of the comedy podcast Stretching the Chicle, by Victoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias, the guest asked those also known as Tronchi and Monchi why they did not plan to hold more live shows, after a tour in 2022 whose last show at the Wizink Center had sold out all the tickets in less than 24 hours. Carolina answered: “We must not stretch the gum and take care of ourselves.” What emerged as a program launched from home as a result of the confinement in 2020 has established itself as one of the most listened to monthly podcasts in Spain and has earned them two Ondas awards. In this space, they “rajan” about all the things that outrage them and chat with guests such as Chelo García Cortés, Mónica Naranjo, Abril Zamora or Elvira Lindo about love, power, managing failure or childhood. The comedians abhor mobile notifications warning of the time consumed on the phone, advocate excluding work conversations from WhatsApp and defend that human beings are not made to work. After a month of March without vacation days, the creators of Stretching the Chicle began to give courage to say “no” and to scratch quality moments between bolus and bolus. In this first installment of How I Unwind, Carol and Vicky reflect on rest, tricks to help them unwind, and the importance of taking a break. –Understanding rest Carolina: Until you reach a high limit of stress, you don’t value what rest is so much. Rest is combined at the sleeping level and getting to disconnect from work. Rarely does that occasion occur, but it is what we look forward to these holidays and what a real rest entails, without work responsibilities. We will not have to be aware of the phone to work, just to take pictures of ourselves in beautiful places. Victoria: Yes, I am going to dedicate myself to the contemplative life and do absolutely nothing. We live in a society where we are doing things all the time and producing non-stop. We cannot dedicate our lives to work, the most important thing in life is to sit in the sun and not think. Humans are made not to work, work must be abolished! –Read, watch Physics or Chemistry for the umpteenth time or avoid comments on networks Victoria: Reading helps me disconnect much more than looking at the phone. Sometimes it’s also okay not to read, not to see anything and be with yourself sitting in a chair, but it’s those moments from 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. when I read. That is so, every day. I go to bed later, but I forced myself. Carolina: For me, taking care of myself means not seeing comments on YouTube, or networks, or Twitter, or anything after ten o’clock at night, because any comment that doesn’t let you sleep can appear. You have to protect yourself from that too. I have lost the habit of reading because my head is a thousand and when I read I see myself thinking about other things, but it does help me to watch series that I have already seen and show them to someone new; seeing what faces he makes makes me quite happy. Some of adolescence, such as Physics or Chemistry or Partners. Also when I get very overwhelmed I watch Toy Story, Cousins ​​and Eurovision festivals. –On getting out of the loop and taking a break (and also giving it to Rosalía and the Kardashians) Carolina: It’s complicated. We used to have our jobs, whatever, from Monday to Friday, but now we bowl away from home on the weekends, when we’re supposed to rest. Between going to the physio and the psychologist and taking time to see my people, that’s when I manage to disconnect the most. Victoria: Looking for quality time is dissent right now. At the end, you meet your friends and you are thinking about work or what you have to do the next day. It is important to focus on the here and now. I work on that a lot in therapy. You can’t spend all day producing. Also, artistically it doesn’t work either. If you do, the things you produce are not of quality. Since we consume everything so quickly, people (and myself, as an audience) ask for more. I see the Kardashians and I want another season. The Kardashians will have to live for other things to happen to them. Rosalía takes the disco out of her and you want more. Well, we are going to let Rosalía reconnect a little that she has already given us from her Biscuit. [Risas]
–Against the guilt of lying on the sofa Victoria: I feel super guilty about that and it is something that has to be managed. It’s important to lie on the sofa without guilt and it’s been hard for me to be on a Sunday afternoon when I’m free and not open the computer thinking: “Damn, I’m going to have a lot to do on Monday”. Don’t go ahead, these people can wait. WhatsApp has done a lot of harm, because many times people talk to you about work and, moreover, about things that are not urgent. I do not answer any work WhatsApp after 7:30 p.m. My friends have the same thing dedicating themselves to other things. They tell me: “My boss is writing to me at midnight.” They are things that cannot be. Carolina: Yes, the schedules have become vague. It seems that if you are at home you are available. In the end, being at home and working is the same as working in an office. You have to have your schedules. It is true that, with the fact that we have reached some very extreme points of work, the times that I have stayed at home I have managed more than once not to feel bad… Victoria: Because you fell asleep’! Carolina: Sure, because I took a Diazepam and fell asleep. I have to be very tired and work to spend an afternoon at home, and I’m sure I’ll end up taking the computer or lying down with my mobile managing something. Lying down and with the TV in the background is worth a bit of rest. Victoria: I also do a bit of micro-theater, as Carol says. We recently went to a gig in Peñíscola, and on the way by car I look at the sea and I imagine I’m on vacation; I take that time to meditate. In addition, in bowling we always try to find a little time to do some leisure, like having a beer by the sea. Carolina: Yes, we go to good restaurants to at least enjoy a delicious meal and feel like we’re on vacation for a while. –Learn to say “no” Victoria: We have said no to many things. There are other people who would have said yes, because they were good opportunities or more money. In March we realized that this could not go on like this, because we work every day of the week. I have this workload that I’ve been carrying this year, never again in my life, but all of a sudden everything came crashing down on us. We have done the best we can. Carolina: It is important to have moments for yourself. It is something that we understood as of March. This serves us and will serve us to apply to the rest of the things we do and to get to know ourselves and each other better. In the end, all the decisions we make are to take care of ourselves and to take care of the podcast. That’s why we decided to stop bowling from September. We ended up at the Wizink Center and it didn’t go badly for us, we sold all the tickets, but maybe combining everything was too much.

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