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“Two recipes to make very quickly at home, very fresh,” says Christina Orea, ambassador for Samsung’s new range of bespoke refrigerators. For the occasion, the chef has prepared some summery yet unexpected dishes, perfect for any summer dinner to succeed. A Starter and a Dessert: Beet Gazpacho and Lemon Cream, easy recipes and pinetones that you can discover in the video at the top of this page. “They’re going to kick you out of a fix and you’re going to remember this day,” he warns. “You don’t need a fire, you don’t need ‘mirko’, you don’t need an oven,” just a handful of ingredients and a good refrigerator. Tomato, beet, burrata, onion, cucumber and pepper for starter; And lemon, condensed milk, plain yogurt, cookies and butter for dessert.

“See what potential”, Aurea observes of the appliance, “as it can be paneled, you reduce the wall space and fit everything. Now with kids it feels like a paradise. ” The bespoke refrigerators, which will be available in four finishes and colors in Europe, have a much better structure, a drawer that allows products to be stored at two different temperatures and an energy-efficient design that reduces carbon footprint .

Christina Oria.

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