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Transcendental Breathing | News | S Fashion THE COUNTRY

The day that Raquel Peláez proposed Brooke Shields as the cover, the answer was unanimous: yes. It had no premiere, it was completely off schedule, it was just Brooke Shields. We liked the idea even more. The interview was days after the photo shoot. During that conversation, she told Raquel later, the actress asked her about the images and told her that she wanted to look like a 57-year-old woman. Brooke didn’t want to look younger than she was. She wanted to look like her now. Something seemingly as normal as being satisfied in one’s skin, whatever skin you have, is quite rare even for undisputed beauties like Brooke Shields. In fact, she herself has not achieved it until very recently. The complexes and paranoia, it is already known, do not depend on the body, but on the head, which is equally treacherous for all mortals. Or almost. There are some beings from another planet, mythological beings that live among us, who have managed to master their insecurities. They do not listen to the voices that judge them, even if they are internal voices (the most dangerous), much less if they come from outside. Getting to that state requires a lot of mental training. Also knowing how to breathe deeply for when anguish attacks, something so easy and that, however, sometimes we have to learn in expensive courses, with the perversion that this entails. If we add to that self-care (with a prefix, because if it doesn’t sound old, when taking care of yourself was just that and not a millionaire and self-referential industry), urban disconnection retreats and digital disconnection therapies, we already have the monetization of a movement which is actually something much simpler. Marsha Gayle taking care of herself in 1957 without knowing it. Photo: SLIM AARONS / GETTY IMAGES Not suffering by default when there is no objective reason to do so should be the only reason to be well. In any case, in this issue we analyze this growing current of academicizing and exploiting well-being, although we also indulge in it a little, because who doesn’t find a self-massage relaxing? And, between us, I have tried to do square breathing in full amygdalar abduction, and it works. It is not only the wellness industry that transcends its borders of influence to become a fashion, but also sport, now the one that is practiced outdoors, leaves its mark on trends, as we show in these pages. Tennis and its refined aesthetic, a classic, gives way to climbing, with more and more brands creating women’s clothing, windsurfing, swimming in open water, cycling or trail running. Another way to disconnect and reconnect, as it is now called, to find yourself better and seek peace of mind. Be that as it may, the important thing is to reach a point of no return in which we know how to stop our heads and forget about the pressure that we sometimes feel. As I have said, there are beings who have achieved it and some beautiful examples are in these pages: it is not only Brooke Shields, but also Belén Aguilera, Samantha Hudson, Itziar Castro, Javiera Mena, Santa K or Penélope Guerrero. All of them do not care what we think and that message seemed transcendental to us. That’s why they are here.

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– Article Written By @Sofía Ruiz de Velasco from https://smoda.elpais.com/moda/actualidad/respiracion-trascendental/

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