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Three tips to protect your eyes from the sun (and the best models to do it) | Fashion, Shopping

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Light clothing to withstand the heat, a hat to protect yourself from the sun, sunscreen every two hours… Although we know all the tips and tricks to make the most of summer, there is still one that resists us: What happens to our eyesight? According to a report compiled by the General Council of Opticians-Optometrists Colleges, one in three sunglasses sold does not pass the necessary health checks. Which means that not only do we not adequately protect our eyes, but the harmful radiation can penetrate further into the interior of the eye, being almost more harmful than not wearing any type of accessory. Sunglasses have a unique power to heighten allure and mystery, we know, but aesthetics must go hand in hand with functionality. In the same way that shoes are of little use to us if they do not allow us to walk, or a bag is quite useless if nothing fits in it; The most suitable model of glasses is one that has gone through all the necessary quality controls that guarantee its effectiveness against the sun. Glasses for every occasion There is a frame for every face: rectangular glasses lengthen and narrow the features of round faces; classic, rounded shapes suit longer faces, while pantos glasses will soften the features of square faces. “You have a more oval face, like a sugared almond, so you have to contrast it with something more angular,” he recommended to his assistant, Deborah Vance, the relentless humorist played by Jean Smart in the Hacks series, to her astonishment . General Optica also adds the context factor: «It is necessary to adapt the glasses to the moment in which we are going to use them, taking into account that the glasses we need to run will not be the same as those we wear to walk, for example», they recommend from the firm, insisting on both the quality of the frame and the lenses. That they protect from UVA rays, like a sunscreen, is essential. Look for the CE sticker Although it may seem obvious, in general, only the glasses that we find in optical health establishments ensure the health of our eyes. There are two elements that certify it: the CE sticker, which ensures the minimum quality standard; and the filter category number, a scale from 1 to 4, based on its absorption factor. «The gray or brown tones of the lens are the most recommended, because they are the ones that least modify the real tones», they remind us from General Optica. Do not wait for the inevitable Many times we make the mistake of changing our glasses only when it is strictly necessary: ​​because they have been broken, lost or stolen. That the glasses last us a long time is a general wish, but it is also important to know if our sight has withstood the passage of time. Specialists recommend an annual check-up with an optometrist to check if we have the same diopters and, consequently, if our glasses continue to fulfill their function. To alleviate the error and release new (and safe) glasses this summer, General Optica has launched the REGAFAS: a wide selection of thousands of frames, with discounts of up to 70%, both in sunglasses and prescription glasses from the best brands . In addition, Privilege Customers have breakage insurance and all the usual guarantees of their stores: lens adaptation, manufacturing and product satisfaction guarantees. Because the glasses that favor us the most are those that have the best team of experts behind them.

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