Home Lifestyle These are the best-selling sunscreens most pharmacists recommend. beauty, latest

These are the best-selling sunscreens most pharmacists recommend. beauty, latest

  These are the best-selling sunscreens most pharmacists recommend.  beauty, latest

Since it was established in France in 1936 that workers had the right to paid holidays, spending a few days near the sea became popular; Showing off tanned skin has become synonymous with sunbathing days. This rage later came to Spain in the sixties, when the first umbrellas and bikinis arrived. Since then we like to reflect the contact with nature in our skin tone, however along with the rays of the sun comes skin cancer. In the 21st century, as dermatologists have repeated it so much, the mantra has finally pervaded which ensures that there is no better beauty cream or treatment to keep it beautiful and healthy. anti aging She Photoprotector, on which the health of our skin largely depends. “Whether it’s cold, hot, sunny or cloudy, the best anti-aging we can use is sunscreen. This contributes to us having fewer wrinkles, fewer spots and a lower incidence of cancer”. Pharmacist Eduardo Senate is so blunt about this product, especially during the summer months, when we spend more hours outside. That’s why we’ve asked the experts at Dermopharmacy which are the most requested protectors by customers at the pharmacy this year.

Svr Sun Secure Spray Spf50+

SVR Sun Secure Spray SPF50+

From the team of Marta Masi, the pharmacist turned into a beauty prescriber on Instagram, where she has nearly 137 thousand followers, they say one of the best-selling sun creams from last summer is an ultra-light textured milk spray and a SVR The invisible end of the Sun Secure line. “Having a spray format, it ensures a comfortable, fast and even application leaving the skin silky and hydrated. This sun protection is suitable for sensitive skin, it is water resistant and its pleasantly soft and relaxing fragrance automatically Takes you to a moment of relaxation and instant wellness. The whole family (even children as young as three years old) can use it due to its high protection against UVA, UVB, visible and infrared radiation ”, explains Jessica Escorizza Espinosa, the team’s sanitary biologist, and details that they love this product so much and they use it every day “for its ocean honor formula, something that takes care of the environment, coral and reefs.” is the order of the day”.

Mimitica Facial Cream Spf 50

Mimitica Facial Cream SPF 50

Madrid’s Pharmacia Goya 19 is not only a benchmark as a health prescriber but has also established itself as a renowned and cosmetic guru. influencers From her team, Sarah Diguez Ferreiro, assures: «There is a brand of solar this summer that is widespread because their texture is so light and they smell so good that you want to use them and repeat the application too lazy Not there. Her name is Mimitika and she is one of them who really hooks. We always bet on high or very high sun protection as photoprotector is the best anti-aging that exists and is non-negotiable. We like the ones from Mimitica because they have high SPF as well as speed up tanning as they are formulated with seaweed extract which stimulates melanin”, highlights the expert and shared that Him best seller The facial sun cream is “that, for the laziest of people, can be used as a summer moisturizer, leaves no residue and is absorbed in a matter of seconds.”

La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Spf50+

La Roche Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+

“It is important to protect yourself from the sun throughout the year to prevent premature aging of the skin, however now, in the summer months where there is greater exposure, it is necessary to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with very high protection that does not contain light. even texture to facilitate all-day application and renewal”, says Gemma Herrerias, in charge of A5 Pharmacy in Seville and founder of the GH Skin Care Products brand. As explained by this expert in the care and treatment of sensitive skin handjob up His establishment’s sale this summer is Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF50+ from La Roche Posay for the face. reason? “This protector is effective with high protection, but at the same time leaves a very cosmetic finish, almost invisible on the skin, and is also innovative, as it incorporates patented NetLock Technology, which protects against sweat, water and rubbing. Provides resistance. Sand. It is a formula that respects the environment”, he highlighted.

Skinceuticals Advanced Brightening Uv Defense

SkinCeuticals Advanced Brightening UV Defense

Of the three most-requested photoprotectors at her establishment this summer, SkinCeuticals’ skin stands out, says pharmacist Maria Jose Cejas Delgado, owner of Puente Genil European Pharmacy, which helps with hyperpigmentation. “It’s a photo-corrector that heals spots, thanks to the fact that its formula contains tranexamic acid and niacinamide, and of course it prevents sun damage, as it has high protection against UVA It also contains mica and antioxidants to give a glow”, details a specialist in dermacocosmetics.

Singuladerm Expert Sun Spf50 +50

Singuladerm Expert Sun SPF50 +50

This year the number one ranking of Zaragoza Pharmacy’s best sellers led by Eduardo Cenant is occupied by Singuladerm Expert Sun SPF 50+. “It’s a sunscreen made in spain Which has revolutionized the market. like its light texture of rapid absorption, because it is oil freeIt doesn’t leave a white mark, it hydrates skin but doesn’t leave a glow, contains state-of-the-art encapsulated physical and chemical filters, does not contain denatured alcohol and contains antioxidant and anti-pollution peptides, as stated by Dermopharmacy And the experts at Beauty Decimator enumerate. “It’s a sunscreen that falls in love, that you want to apply and that both women and men love”.

Isdin Hydrosolution Spf 50

Isdin Hydrosolution SPF 50

According to Remedios Navarro, co-founder of the sales platform Online Mifarma by Etida, the best-selling product on its website, is Isdin Hydrosolution Solar Protection, “an instant-dry moisturizing biphasic body photoprotector that effectively protects against UVA/UVB radiation thanks to its SPF 50, while also protecting against exposure to oxygen.” Oxygenates and re-energizes the skin coming in. Sun. It wins for its composition, high protection factor, its easy application and its absorption,” he explains and adds that, when choosing these products “The customer” takes into account factors such as texture, water and sweat resistance or finish. They also want the compounds to be of quality and that in addition to protection, they strengthen the skin’s barrier, thanks to their active principles “.

Cantabria Labs, Heliocare 360 ​​Pediatrics

Cantabria Labs, Heliocare 360 ​​Pediatrics

and for children up On sale of Mifarma by Atida is Heliocare 360 ​​Pediatrics in spray format, which has a lot of sun protection SPF50+. “Its gun format makes it easy to apply and is water-resistant. It is so successful because it has been specifically formulated to treat atopic skin”, says Navarro, a pharmacist and director of business strategy at Etida Huh.