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Therese Jamaa: “When I give I don’t think about anything, I just obey” | Wellness

Therese Jamaa has been working in the telecommunications industry all her life. The current vice president of Huawei Spain has developed her career in companies such as GMSA, the organizing company of the Mobile World Congress, Qualcomm and Vodafone. She has lived in Barcelona for 21 years, something she dreamed of as a child, but she has not forgotten her roots. That is why a part of her rest is also linked to her origin: coming from Lebanon, her family left the country during the war and sought refuge in Paris. There, the Red Cross received them and provided them with clothing, mattresses and food. Now she is the one who collaborates in the volunteer work that, as she recalls, once they served her food. Of Therese, her friends and her family say that she is very positive. She doesn’t usually complain, she tries to celebrate every moment and manages to reflect that joy and gratitude through the phone. “When I lived in England, everyone needed to get out of town for the weekend. Living here, I have no need to go on vacation. The last thing I want is to travel, I want to be there and enjoy what I have,” she explains. Therese shares in ‘How I disconnect’ her peculiar way of understanding rest, how she handles stress in a position of responsibility and her tricks to disconnect. Don’t forget where you come from I like and relax doing a physical activity that doesn’t make my mind work. For this reason, I collaborate with foundations or the Red Cross. When giving and participating in something I don’t think about anything, I just obey. For example, if you are at a food platform and there are families queuing, they give you a sheet and explain how much milk and rice to give, that work is purely physical. It relaxes you because you are giving, you know you are part of something big. The pandemic was a very important moment for me. I put on my Red Cross jacket and went out to help. You are anonymous, you go with your mask and everyone helps as they can, they are there for the same reason: to give, it makes them happy. My boss was homeless, he knew how to serve food and distribute clothes. This is what is beautiful, going back to basic and human things, enjoying every moment. If you have health, there is no excuse. We cannot say “I am bored or overwhelmed”, we must find a way to be happy. We have it all. Rest is an attitude For me, resting is doing something that makes you happy. It can be being with your partner or with your children. You also have to sleep, I’m not going to lie, but I don’t get to do it for eight hours anymore. When you are happy, you don’t feel overwhelmed. In the end, if I get stressed, the rest of the team will too. In my previous position, if a congress was cancelled, you either woke up stressed and cried or said “we’re moving forward”. It is very important to communicate peace and try to protect yourself, not letting yourself be carried away by your stress or that of others, even if you see that you have a responsibility. If you smile, you will see that others smile. Music, the sea in winter and feeling surrounded by family and friends I always find my moments. I like to be surrounded by family and friends. That gives me a lot of peace. Also walk after work. I could do more sports, because sports help you relax, but I don’t like being in a gym, I prefer to be outside, on the street. I love jazz and I sing too. For example, before giving a somewhat stressful conference or interview, I sing a song. It may seem ridiculous, but if you dance or sing before having an intense moment, you release stress. Also, if I can share that moment with people I love, it’s even more beautiful. During the pandemic, I had a group of friends with whom we reached a kind of agreement: we would go to one or the other’s house and sing. Not that we were professionals, but we put up with it. Music has incredible power. There is another thing that I also love: walking in front of the sea, with my dog. In winter I like it better, because there are few people. It gives me a lot of life. It’s a free thing and everyone who lives nearby has it. The relationship with technology At night I put myself in airplane mode for a few hours. I have to sleep and life goes on. I made a mistake a few years ago: when my children were little, I worked with the United States and the worst thing I could do was put my son in the bathroom and me with the mobile in my hand. These are magical moments in life, you have to stop and get away from your mobile. They won’t die if I wait for my son to come out of the bathroom. It will be 10 minutes and nothing will happen, you have to try to do it. If I rest and think, “I’m leaving my phone for vacation and I won’t turn it on for two weeks,” I can’t do it and I don’t want to. The phone gives you freedom, because you carry it with you, but it also means that you have to check your messages from time to time. I hope that now, in the month of August, I don’t have to look at it every half hour, because when I’m on vacation I won’t.

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