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The witching hour of Mireia Oriol, Milena Smit and Claudia Roset

One day, Milena Smit (Elche, 25 years old) and her flatmates in Madrid felt a presence in the house. They all sensed it. “It seemed to us that we saw several times like a black shadow, very tall. We joke saying that we have a tenant in the apartment and that he does not pay the rent, a ghost”, he says calmly while assuring that he “loves everything that has to do with the supernatural, thrillers, whatever keeps you tense in the sofa”. This is Alma (premiere on Netflix on August 19), the series in which Smit shares a cast with Mireia Oriol (Argentina, 26 years old) and Claudia Roset (Madrid, 22 years old), a supernatural thriller created by Sergio G. Sánchez, Goya for the screenplay of The Orphanage and director of The Secret of Marrowbone. Given the background, just by reading the script Smit knew that the fearful knot in his stomach was certain. “When we watch movies and series what we are looking for is to have a trip,” says the actress, “and these genres give you emotions of tension, suspense and nerves that lead you to have the feeling that you have been there for a few hours out of your routine. It’s like you’ve gone out for a moment of your life, that’s why I think they hook so much”. When it all started, in the fall of 2019, these three actresses who participate in Alma did not know how dizzying the journey they were going to live was, both in that suspenseful fiction and in their lives; how their careers, which were barely starting, were going to change in just a few years. Mireia Oriol is now preparing her own audiovisual project, a film that she cannot reveal anything about, but in that 2019 now so far away, after being a model and living in London for a while, Oriol had started working on a short film, doing some cinema and television. Between one thing and another, she auditioned for a new series that was going to be “something very big.” Despite her initial fears, she convinced the casting and took on the role of the protagonist that gives the fiction its name. “It has meant a change in my life, there is a before and after, on a personal and professional level. It was hard for me to feel that I was going to have the strength to be there, in the first weeks of filming she was very insecure and thought ‘I’m going to have the maximum impostor syndrome and they’re going to kick me out’. When I finished, it took me a while to come back to reality, because for a few months it was a total immersion, my whole life was Alma”. The secrecy that surrounds this project shot in Asturias allows very little of the plot to be revealed: some high school students suffer an accident on their end-of-year trip and Alma, one of the survivors, wakes up without knowing who she is and without memories in a hospital . The fog of the port of La Cubilla and the nature of Lake Cerveriz de Somiedo or the park of La Cebera act as other characters, which accentuate the mystery that surrounds the story of the group of young people. from left From left to right, Milena Smit is wearing a NINA RICCI top, DRIES VAN NOTEN dress and pants, and JIMMY CHOO shoes; Claudia Roset wears an ensemble by GUCCI and sandals by JIMMY CHOO, and Mireia Oriol, with a ‘look’ by NINA RICCI and shoes by LOUIS VUITTON. Photo: Antarctica There is no summer without mystery; movies like Scream are a classic in summer cinemas and fantasy and horror are genres that have stood out in recent years in fiction productions, with phenomena like Stranger Things, the imminent premiere of the prequel to Game of Thrones (The house of the dragon) or the series based on the science fiction comic Paper Girls, and more long-term projects such as Tim Burton’s small-screen debut as director of the series on Wednesday Addams. “I think these genres are having so much success now because we are in a transition period, and that makes beliefs also change, we are looking for answers on more mystical planes, because we all feel that there is a hidden mystery that has always been left a little aside”, reflects Roset, “and now we dare to investigate it, or we evade it, in these genres that take us out of everyday life and take us to other worlds where everything is possible”. This is his first major character, after going through series like Midas’s favorites or Serve and protect. At the age of 14, she decided that she wanted to dedicate herself to acting, although in her house “there was no one from the show business”; his mother is a lawyer and his father is a biologist. “My grandmother was an actress and opera singer, a set designer”, she specifies, remembering her reference. When she got the opportunity to play Deva, her character in Alma, she was about to leave the world of acting to dedicate herself to the circus. “Every time I get scared I suddenly decide things like ‘I’m going to the circus’, or ‘I’m going to be a DJ’. I was quarantined in my town in Granada, Moraleda de Zafayona, and I thought of leaving everything for the circus, which had discovered a year that was difficult for me, when I left high school and I didn’t really know where to go. In the circus I found a space for creation and where no one judges you. Each one goes to his ball, I saw a freedom that I had never experienced before. And I thought it was beautiful.” But Deva came and, unexpectedly, everything changed. Something similar happened to Milena Smit. This year she has been nominated for a Goya for Parallel Mothers, by Pedro Almodóvar, and in 2021 she dazzled with her outfits at the Venice Festival. But not so long ago, “she worked in a very small hotel”, in the Madrid area of ​​Ópera, and she had not seriously considered being an actress. From that hotel reception she went on, “by pure chance”, to shoot You will not kill with Mario Casas and Fernando Valdivieso, and in 2021 she received her first Goya nomination, as a revelation actress, for that role. From that moment she began to chain projects. “I had never thought about being an actress or working with something creative or artistic, it was just a hobby.” In the last five years, she assures her, her profession has changed her life. “Before this she did not have a clear vocation about what I wanted to dedicate myself to. She lived working to pay my rent and trying to fill the gaps by doing creative things sporadically, but I never thought that I would be able to make a living from what I love the most, ”she reflects. The unexpectedness of what he experienced has caused him vertigo: “It has been a maelstrom of situations, each one more surreal, there comes a point where you stop thinking much about what is happening to you and you try to take on this new adventure. At first you have a lot of insecurities, you don’t know if you’re good or really good at this, but I’ve been lucky enough to work with people who have made me learn to trust my work and respect it a lot, that’s what I value the most”. Alma was the first opportunity she had after shooting Thou shalt Not Kill, Smit recalls fondly. It was a time of many castings until she was told yes in this series. “I was very excited, it was the first project I had when I had already decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to this,” she says. Her character is called Nico, a mysterious nomad with part of her head shaved who lives in a caravan on the beach of San Pedro de la Ribera. “What I like most about her is that you don’t know where she’s going to come out, she’s very mysterious and until the end you really don’t know how to position where she is,” she explains without being able to reveal much more about the evolution of her elusive character. . Behind, Oriol is wearing a PRADA dress; on the right, Smit wears a jumpsuit by CAROLINA HERRERA, and Roset (left) in a PRADA dress. Photo: Antártica Because precisely that, preserving the surprises contained in this fiction for which Sánchez has created his own mythology, is essential. The mystery was the common thread of the shoot. Although to create the character of Ella Oriol she read many books by neurologist Oliver Sacks on the secrets of the mind and memory games, the actress remembers that on set they experienced inexplicable situations even today. “I thought it attracted ghosts a bit. I was quite skeptical, but now I’m not so skeptical anymore, ”she says. He recounts how one day when they were filming in a mansion “noises were heard two floors above, where there was no one, and once the water suddenly heated up, what was in the bottle was boiling, a little strange things happened ”. Roset missed those moments. “I was looking for it, and since I was looking for it, nothing happened to me”, she laments while she points out that “almost everyone has experienced something that has no logical reason”. In her case, everything took place in her family home in Madrid, during a break in the filming of Alma. “I went back to my house and I noticed a restlessness between my ribs, as if I had a little door that was open, call me mystical or crazy, but it was like that. I was with my mother and brother and there was a noise, I went to look and I saw the floor full of glass because they had broken all the paintings on a wall that had not moved for 22 years. When sleeping I felt that there was someone, I heard footsteps next to me. You are alert. I woke up the next day as if my soul had been sucked out. My uncle asked me if he took LSD and I said ‘I wish I could justify this.’ Smit, passionate about horror films like Hereditary and a dedicated reader of witchcraft books, believes that the unknown must be explored. “I am obsessed with witches, I feel that in another life I must have been one and that they burned me at the stake, because I have some sensations, like an instinct, I am very sensitive to certain things, I am very interested. I would love to make a witch movie.” She is not going to play one at the moment, but she has two disturbing projects pending, Tin & Tina and The Snow Girl. “I give the profile for this type of genre”, she acknowledges, “light complexion, marked features, the look. And I really enjoy it.” *Makeup and hairdressing: Natalia Belda (Mr Pérez Management) for Dior Makeup and Sebastian Professional, and Rebeca T. Figueroa (Another Artist Agency) for Givenchy Beauty. Photography assistant: Rafael Benito. Styling assistant: Belén Claver. She continues reading Robie, Claudia Costafreda, Marem Ladson and other women who speak the cosmopolitan and versatile creative language of 2022

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