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the whole truth about the trending position on TikTok

the whole truth about the trending position on TikTok

If you find it browsing TikTok (and it is extremely easy to do), you will not believe how easy it is. More of four millions of views support the popularity of the method #LegsOnWall or, what is the same: spending time in a posture as hackneyed as Support your legs on the wall while lying on the floor. The logical thing would be to ask why there are so many people no longer maintaining that position, but, above all, uploading videos to the social network of the moment while doing so. It’s easy to discover: most claim in their content that this “magical” pose is capable of alleviating all kinds of health problems. From alleviating stress and anxiety to muscle or menstrual pain, to improving digestion, circulation and even the quality of sleep.

They do it as a routine every morning or when they return home for between 10 and 30 minutes a day and ensure results as incredible as this: “The most important thing I noticed was that it relieved my anxiety, allowed me to breathe better and made me feel like I was sleeping better,” says the user. @lexnicoleta after listing many other benefits. But the real and truly important question comes later, when checking the huge number of videos grouped under the aforementioned hashtags: Does it work? Can something so simple be so effective? At first, it seems untrue. And it is: From a scientific point of view, we are not aware of any work published in prestigious media that talks about this subject, so there is no evidence that this is true or that it really works to improve sleep. Opinions appear on TikTok and they are all very respectable, but from a scientific point of view, we never recommend following these techniques without scientific evidence, “he tells S Fashion Doctor Eduard Estivill, renowned specialist in Sleep Medicine at the Estivill Sleep Clinic and member of Top Doctors.

@claire.elis on TikTok lists all the benefits of the “magic” pose.

However, as is often the case in these aspects or in any type of “miracle” treatment or regimen, nothing is black or white. “From common sense, it seems a comfortable position that favors a moment of serenity and disconnection. But, is it a really beneficial posture for health? For how long? How many days a week? For the elderly, pregnant women, heart patients? Anxiety due to depression? Both for digestion after a copious meal and for a person with an eating disorder? For pain due to a sprain, hernia or terminal cancer?… Both medicine and common sense warn us that there is no single solution for all problems.” Dr. Israel Álvarez Iniesta reminds us, a psychiatrist at the center CAIS query and member of Top Doctors.

But although the main danger of this type of viral challenge lies in its not being suitable for everyone, there are certain aspects that can prove the reason for some users who apply the pose in their day to day life. Always, it is recommended, under the supervision of a specialist and taking into account that miracles do not exist: By itself it is difficult that it can make you achieve all the expectations raised. This exercise is based on a gravitational principle by which we have part of the vascular system of our legs and place it above our trunk, where our rib cage is, which houses the main engine of our blood: the heart. Raising the legs above the heart at least four times a day for 15 minutes can help reduce the average daily pressure that the venous system supports and, therefore, reduce the symptoms of varicose veins and prevent them from getting worse. We will also need other types of care to improve our vascular health, but this type of exercise is often recommended for people who work long hours standing or for those who suffer from back problems”, he explains to S Fashion José Santos Sánchez-Ferrer, specialist in Physiotherapy at José Santos Physiotherapy Area and member of Top Doctors.

Javier González, coach and director of the JG Fitness Coaching: «We could treat the subject from different points of view, but it is true that, at an anatomical level and, if we strictly apply the laws of gravity, this posture could favor venous return, but this is insufficient to generate the benefits that are commented on in the network».

Apart from this physical aspect, none of the experts consulted approves this method as a substitute for any other therapy, much less as a solution to sleep or anxiety problems. It seems, however, common sense to realize that if, in the hectic day-to-day life that most of us carry, we spend a few minutes lying down and raising our legs on the wall without another particular, it is normal that we relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety derived from the frenetic rhythm that, as Dr. Álvarez Iniesta said, “will not be the same as if, for example, you have depression or any other mental health problem.”

But before declaring victory – we repeat: «nobody gives hard to four pesetas»-, it is worth highlighting and considering the conclusion of this ‘tiktokera’ trend, the advice of Javier González: «This type of messages could be counterproductive for the population, especially when they become so viral. We are used to wanting an immediate benefit that does not require effort to achieve it, but really all the benefits attributed to this posture are achieved, demonstrated with scientific evidence, through physical exercise».

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