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The vindication of pink: Margot Robbie dressed as Barbie or the change of meaning of a color | Present

Last week the first image of Ryan Gosling as Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie was made public. A snapshot in which the actor appears with peroxide blonde hair, an accentuated tan and sculpted abs, dressed in a denim vest and underpants with his name on it. This was the second image that came out of the long-awaited live-action film about the famous doll created by the toy company Mattel in 1959. The first was released last April and showed a smiling Margot Robbie, who will give life to the historic doll, in a pink convertible with a matching blue polka dot headband with a striped top. Now, after the official photographs published by Warner Bros, the first images of the filming of the film have been leaked, in Los Angeles, in which the actress appears dressed as Barbie with one of the outfits that she will wear in the film. In the snapshots you can see the interpreter with a completely pink look, made up of flared pants and a vest with straps, accompanied by a bandana tied around the neck and a cowboy-style hat on long blonde hair. A stylistic bet with a color traditionally riddled with stigmas, the result of a hegemonic vision in which everything related to the color “of girls” was perceived as cheesy or frivolous. The film promises to break with the traditional idea of ​​the famous doll, criticized for its proportions far from reality and the null representation of the diversity of bodies. It is difficult to associate Barbie with a feminist project, but the cast of professionals behind the film suggests that it will give a twist to the character that for decades has been accused of being an instrument of female oppression. The direction of the film is the responsibility of the American Greta Gerwig, who has consolidated her career as a filmmaker under a clear vision of gender with films such as Lady Bird (2017) and the latest revision of Little Women (2019), for which she received nominations. to the Oscar. “People listen to ‘Barbie’ and think they know what the movie is going to be like. Then they hear that it is Greta Gerwig who writes and directs it and that is when they think that it may not be what it might seem at first, “Robbie commented in an interview for the British edition of Vogue. In addition, it is the actress’s own production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, which is in charge of the production of the film, a company that she founded in 2014 with the aim of telling women’s stories on the big screen and supporting creators behind the scenes. . With this combo, the film promises to be a renewed version of the classic story of the controversial doll. Based on these antecedents, it is no coincidence that the color chosen for the styling of the Barbie character that has been seen in the images of the filming of the film is pink. A color that became popular in the European court in the mid-eighteenth century —when red was synonymous with luxury and privilege and pink was considered a variant of this color— and that was more common among men than among women, but over the years it became associated with the fragility, sensitivity and frivolity that the patriarchal culture has historically attributed to women. One of the determining moments of this association was in the Second World War, when, after the conflict, government propaganda was dyed this color to point out the new role of women as caregivers and housewives. The stereotype of the perfect wife wore pink dresses and, for the first time in history, the color of children’s clothing differentiated the gender of the children—men in blue and women in pink—also adding a childish connotation. However, over the years, different events turned this coded color into a symbol of activism and vindication. A change promoted by the LGTBI collective, who during the Second World War were marked with an inverted pink triangle in the Nazi concentration camps, a symbol and color that they later used to claim their rights. In the field of fashion, firms such as Prada, with a discourse that tries to dismantle the codes of femininity, made this color one of the protagonists of their fall 2015 collection, a choice that the designer of the Italian house herself He acknowledged that he did “to generate discussion”, as he told the American magazine Document Journal. Other designers such as Vivienne Westwood or Rei Kawakubo have also used this color to talk about contradictions and stereotypes and, now, it stars in the styling of a film that promises to show a renewed version of the classic Mattel doll. Continue reading How it went from being a man thing to a feminine symbol: the controversial cultural history of the color pink

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