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“The Vatican was silent”: the battle for the navel and the dance of Rafaella Cara, which the Italians managed to win. news, fashion


Singer, actress and presenter Rafaela Cara (Bologna, 1943) He died this Monday at the age of 78, as Sergio Zappino, who was his partner for many years, has informed the Italian agency Ansa. Italy and Spain have lost one of their television and music icons. Carrà developed a large part of his work in several shows on RAI and TVE.

Currently, accustomed to pop’s hypersexualization, no one lays their hands on their heads looking at her choreography. yours That Rafaela Carr. became popular in Italy. And, of course, it wouldn’t be controversial if someone like him showed his belly button on public television. But in the early 1970s the situation was very different. At the time, after voluntarily giving up her acting career (she even had the courage to turn her back on Hollywood because she didn’t feel comfortable working thousands of miles away from the land of her birth), she decided. We all know that in Carr rediscovering myself: an off-road and multi-generational icon.

Her metamorphosis into a singer and presenter began to take shape in the 1970s. Notably, at the Centro Spirituale di Cinematographia in Rome, where he enrolled in a vocal education course. “I had a great teacher who examined my throat one day and told me that I could sing quietly. I didn’t tell her I’d never done it and it wasn’t my aspiration, but she insisted that He has the necessary physical instincts to do so. Later, at a staff meeting on television, a director who watched the musical Hair He realized that Italian television at that time was too old and had to be modernised. That’s when he gave me four test shows in which I had to sing. I took classes and I did. It worked, and within a few months he had me as the host of the most important entertainment program on Italian public television, canzonissima. My first album was in line with the schedule. That’s how it all started by chance,” he recalled ten years ago. efe ame.

Without a doubt, she was the first to marvel at the success of such songs. ma che music teacher or Chiso is going. “I’ve never felt like a pure singer, I’ve always been an actress who sings. I’m well aware that I’m not Dion Warwick or Barbra Streisand. Dancing and words are my thing; song is just one Garnish is. But since we sold so many records, I went around the studio and recorded over twenty albums. It was a surprise. I had not sung a song since childhood. I have a cousin with an amazing voice who was not allowed by his parents to study singing, and yet I have become a singer. Life is strange”, he added in the same interview.

Whoever his partner was in those years, songwriter and producer Gianni Boncompagni, apparently has a fair share of blame for his meteoric musical triumphs. But it should not be overlooked that, beyond his dances and improbable and fake neck movements, he was also a fashion icon ahead of his time. “He wore unimaginable costumes, I would say, with a sense of humor. And comfortable, too, to be able to dance. Throughout my career, three designers have been with me. One was Corrado Colabuchi, who did our presents. But Mina and I made the costumes mileluci; Second, the elegant Luca Sabatelli. I would let him do this and then I would tell him: ‘What do you think if we lengthen this monkey’s bare back until you can see the beginning of my ass?’ And he answered me in surprise: ‘That’s too much, Raffaella.’ The third tailor is Gabriel Meyer. He has covered me for the rest of my life,” she told S Moda in 2017 when we had the opportunity to chat with her.

&Quot;The Vatican Was Silent&Quot;: The Battle For The Navel And The Dance Of Rafaella Cara, Which The Italians Managed To Win. News, Fashion - Light Home News

Rafaella Caro performing at ‘Canzonissima’ in 1974 (Getty Images)

In fact, to teach the “donkey theory” in that canzonissima That it was emitted on Saturday nights at RAI was no problem. What really surprised the audience is that in 1970 he dared to interpret his tune, already mentioned ma che music teacher, wearing a top that exposed her navel. In fact, they nicknamed her “Italy’s navel” because she was the first woman who dared to teach that part of anatomy on public television. Clearly, even after decades, the folly that came from this is still being taken as a joke. “I would never have thought that my belly button made so much noise. It was natural for me to dress in the fashion of the time, on the other hand, which is still in fashion. My navel is too small because my mother told me that When I was being born in the Bolognese clinic, he told the surgeon to cut the umbilical cord very carefully to make my navel as small as tortellini,” she said in this regard Pawn.

But the controversy that jeopardized his unstoppable career in the television and music industry happened on November 13, 1971. that night too canzonissimaintroduced his new subject, yours. And what bothered some RAI officials was not the song itself, but its choreography. Raffaella confined herself only to touching the dancer Enzo Paolo Turchi, in a very innocent and childish manner. However, most conservative people of the time interpreted those sacred movements as something vulgar and extremely erotic. Without further ado, the Vatican launched a smear campaign, after calling it “too provocative”. through your newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, censored yours. According to him, it was very bold and aggressive as the dancer in front of me touched different parts of my body. yours It went straight to number four on the singles chart. so when hit Parade, the first five places were given, but they jumped from three to five so as not to be named. Dance movements evoke the relationship between man and woman. Dancing is a sensual thing in itself, but it is very important without getting into obscenity. what i love is that i did yours Touching the hips, knees, back, face… and the kids repeated it, they enjoyed it because it was something very natural. That is the secret”, he also explained about it in Efe Ame.

Despite Pope Paul VI and part of the RAI bosses against him, Raffaella did not fall. Quite the opposite. A few weeks later, Alberto Sordi came to the event as a guest. And, to the surprise of those present, the popular actor did not hesitate to ask our hero who wanted to dance yours. The moment that can still be seen today youtube, it was a television milestone in Italy and moreover, it quickly quelled controversy. “The Vatican was speechless,” he told Gemma Nirga day to day in 2014. Since then, nothing and no one could do with him.

*This article was originally published on September 25, 2020 and was updated on July 5, 2021, following the death of Rafaela Cara.