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The Ultimate Gift List for Mother’s Day | Fashion

The Ultimate Gift List for Mother's Day |  Fashion

Giving, more than an art, is a shared experience. It is an exercise that begins the moment we begin to imagine it; and there is in him as much of that person as of us. Important dates such as Mother’s Day remind us of the importance of paying attention to mothers. To surprise them, S Moda has made jAlong with El Corte Inglés, a very careful selection of the most original proposals to help you in that search for ideas. Very special gifts that can be found both on the website of El Corte Ingléssuch as in physical stores or from your App.

Bag and glasses: two seasonal ‘musts’

If there are so many accessories with their own names, it is because they end up becoming an emblem of our style and personality. Attention to detail and loving craftsmanship shape this Lauren Ralph Lauren hobo bag, crafted from natural raffia. It has the perfect size to carry everything a mother needs and the versatility of a double chain to adapt it to any occasion.

Lauren Ralph Lauren bag

Stylish sunglasses elevate any look and make us the center of all eyes. With generous fronts and Havana details, this Michael Kors model with a round metal frame adapts to any face.

Michael Kors Sunglasses

Beauty essentials of the season

From our mothers we inherit all their beauty tricks. It’s time to reveal new ones thanks to products as infallible and multifunctional as Givenchy’s Prisme Libre Pressed Powder, available in different shades that can be used separately or mixed to achieve the ‘good face’ effect.

Givenchy powders

In a selection as special as this one, a lipstick like Love Me Lispstick from MAC, for sale exclusively at El Corte Inglés, could not be missing: its name is a promise of love, the packaging, with that metallic casing wrapped in flowers, a crush at first sight; and its formula with argan oil stains the lips with rosy tones and deep hydration. An essential limited edition jewel bar on any dressing table, and even more so now that we can once again show off the color of lipstick without a mask.

mac lipstick

A dress and sandals to welcome summer

Mother’s Day is also a perfect date to get your wardrobe ready for the summer season. The prints Florals appear strongly among the trends and gain in versatility. With this Lloyd’s print dress It will be perfect every moment. PIt can be used for a day event, to go to the office or for a more casual outing, it all depends on the accessories that accompany it.

Lloyd’s dress

Are latouche sandals They are the epithet of transitional footwear, capturing the best of the season’s trends: the comfort of sensible-height uppers and a wooden silhouette, with studded details and natural fabrics, in an elegant nod to the clogs that are going to succeed this year in streetstyle.


At home the secret is in the details

The warmth of our home, on many occasions, depends on the small details. This little golden box from El Corte Inglés, with natural dried flowers and a certain nostalgic aftertaste, is a small relic to decorate any corner or use as a jewelery box.

Decorative box El Corte Inglés

There is also nothing more powerful than an aroma to transport us directly to the home and those moments that we have spent with our loved ones. Or at least, we can assure you that the spring and stimulating aroma of the Flores de Magnolia candle from El Corte Inglés is impossible to forget.

Candle The English Court

A mobile and a ‘smartwatch’ to always be in contact

This may be a good day to renew your mobile and keep the promise of always being in touch. The iPhone 13, possibly the smartphone most desired and resistant of the year, it needs no introduction. Among all its qualities, such as the hardness of the Ceramic Shield glass or its 6.1-inch OLED screen, the Cinema mode of its camera will allow you to record your most special days together, as if it were a Hollywood production. It currently has a 5% discount. Also, if you deliver your old iPhone to El Corte Inglés, you will get an extra discount on the purchase of the new one.

Apple iPhone 13 128GB

Other gadget that does not usually fail among technology lovers is a good smart watch. The new Apple Watch Series 7 GPS captivates with its futuristic minimalism: a huge screen, where everything is incredibly easy to use and read, embraced by a pristine white sports band.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS

To stay fit

Since loving someone means supporting them in their passions, there is no better gift than the one that motivates us to carry them out. Bullpadel’s Vertex 03W racket is perfect for joining the frenzy of padel and finding a new shared hobby. With a teardrop shape with medium balance and great maneuverability, there is no ball that can resist.

Bullpadel padel racket

In those comings and goings of the track, you will also need an ice cream bag like this one, the same one used by Alejandra Salazar. Functional and spacious: it has the capacity to store four rackets and has a separate compartment to store sportswear and shoes.

Bullpadel paletero

Wine and chocolate: pleasures for the palate

Inspired by an old European tradition, in which the hosts gave their guests a small box with delicacies made of sugar, Farhi’s proposal is far from the typical box of chocolates and does not even need a wrapper. This beautiful hand-painted chocolate box, currently with an 11% discount, is a gift that will last in time and memory. The chocolate-wrapped raisin pearls stored inside will not suffer the same fate.

Farhi Candy Box

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to uncork a good bottle. Coming from the French region of Saint Emilion, famous for its hedonistic and passionate reds, this Merlot reveals on the palate a surprising variety of red fruits: blackberries, plums, currants, cherries… to end the celebration with a good taste in the mouth.

Chateau Jean Voisin Wine

This is just a small selection of all the inspiring ideas that you can continue to discover at El Corte Inglés. Because finding the perfect gift is priceless, El Corte Inglés even has a financing service thanks to which you can pay for your gifts in 12 months without interest –or even more in some products– to make Mother’s Day an even more special date.

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