The secret of the garment capable of uniting all generations

At 11 a.m. on a cold January 1983 day, the Paris theaters at 31 rue Cambon were once again buzzing with anticipation of Karl Lagerdeld’s imminent debut as Chanel’s creative director.. The staircase on which Coco used to sit to view her collection has gained all the prominence. At the time, 12 years after the death of its founder, the luxury firm was supported only by sales of its perfumes. And they also started getting angry. The company’s owners, the Wertheimers, knew they needed to revitalize the fashion division to maintain the bestseller No. 5 magnificence and signed the mysterious German who knew Paris to do so.

Chanel's Jacket

Three models from Karl Lagerfeld’s first collection for Chanel (1983). Photo: Getty Images

Andre Leon Talley, a friend of the Caesars, recalled that day in his memoirs, in the abyss of fashion (redundant): “In that first collection, Karl behaved irresistibly to Chanel’s decades of refinement. The clothes were surprisingly retro, with elements of the Chanel design aesthetic of the 1920s and 1930s, but from a collection Without looking like the outsider.” On that first show, Lagerfeld pulled out all the keys to the house language and shook them without contemplation. pearls, chain, camellia, double C logo, two-tone shoe and, of course, tweed, has since become synonymous with mason By returning to them tirelessly for more than three decades.

Chanel'S Jacket

To the left, tellleur Impeccable by Coco Chanel (aw 1963/64); On the right, one of the irreverent interpretations of Karl Lagerfeld (pv 1991). Photo: Getty Images

resource worked (surprisingly well) and the fleece jacket became a timeless basic that was able to withstand even the passing of the trend-setter. Apparel, which is the star of luxury second-hand stores today Vestiaire Collective or section dedicated to vintage Of farfetch, is constantly gaining headlines. The last one, which talked about the second-hand suit (from the PV 1995 collection) that singer Olivia Rodrigo wore to visit the White House and create a selfie With US President Joe Biden. “searches for ‘channel’ vintage’ They’ve increased 200% every week, “they tell search engines” List, “After the artist wore a pink suit vintage Brand to the White House for promoting COVID vaccines among young people.

Rodrigo isn’t the only prominent member of the Zeta generation to sport it. Variety of new casting casting gossip Girl With him and the lead singer of the Korean pop group has already been seen black pink, Jenny, her fans call her human channel, Human channel, for its dedication to the brand.

Chanel'S Jacket

Jenny of the Blackpink group, actress Christine Froseth and singer Olivia Rodrigo arrive at the White House. Photo: Getty Images

In charge of rejuvenating the jacket in the first ‘two thousand’ were famous millennials like Mischa Barton or Blake Lively. But the success of this masterpiece lies in the fact that it does not need much anti aging. This is not a classic with the smell of mothballs, but one that has been repeated over and over again, first of all by Lagerfeld himself. This blazer is happy to accept any new modification and can be customized to anyone’s style. From anyone, yes, who has at least two thousand euros available.

Chanel'S Jacket

Apparel can be customized to any style. From left, Veronica Heilbrunner, Suki Waterhouse, Emily Sindhlev and Lisa Hanbuch. Photo: Getty Images

But beyond its versatility, the garment includes other features that favor its success. Although perhaps most relevant today is the one who fell in love with Leon Talley in the eighties, his retro touch. “The use of nostalgia as a core marketing strategy is growing rapidly, as it provides a comforting effect throughout the pandemic,” he tells consultancy WGSN. Today he sells to the homeless a simple world in which no one has heard of the coronavirus and comforting acronyms. In the case of the jacket, the more attractive version Kitch of the nineties.

more in your favor? It feels good too. Finished with a hidden chain at the bottom so that the weight guarantees its correct placement, it takes those basic ideas from the men’s wardrobe on which stitching is set up. After examining the wardrobes of her lovers, she was looking for comfort, simplicity, and functionality when Coco chose it a century ago. but viral success tweed It relates not to Coco’s early years as a designer, but to the return of a firm akin to a revival: when in 1954, at the age of 71, she re-opened her fashion house in a world devoted to Dior’s enthusiasm. opened from Despite initial reluctance, a few seasons were enough for the dressmaker to impose her tellleur. “The aim was to produce an ideal uniform or machine with which to dress the female body, to create an object of authentic design, ergonomically thought out to meet a variety of needs: movement, elegance and flexibility”, Enrica writes in Morini Storia della Moda. This is when apparel became synonymous with popular culture backed by indelible images, such as Jackie Kennedy’s rose. While it cannot be overlooked that the company’s machinery is not behind this phenomenon, it is surprising that this fashion icon continues to accumulate memorable snapshots for popular culture albums.

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