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The secret of the footwear firm that exhausts all its designs | Fashion

The secret of the footwear firm that exhausts all its designs |  Fashion

If there is a common denominator in the footwear proposals that dominate this season, with options so opposed to each other, it is the hedonistic vocation that permeates each model. That desire to recover the summer, together with the calm and carefreeness that is presupposed, is manifested in the comfort of the silhouettes and daring designs. At least, andbetween these two parameters moves the stimulating collection of Xtiwhere the intention of vindicating the classics of craftsmanship and Mediterranean airs, is mixed with chameleonic sandals and slippers with generous soles made to squeeze every moment.

Raffia wedge (€39.95)

Because if there is something that characterizes the firm, it is its ability to renew the essentials of our wardrobe and identify trends. Its new collection includes all kinds of colors and fabrics, including natural materials and pastel tones, and is presented with a wide variety of proposals: espadrilles and espadrilles, wedges, platforms, sneakers… A preview of what we should be signing before they fly out of the store. Word of the actress Hiba Abouk. The actress and model is the star of the firm’s latest campaign, expressing the versatility and personality of each design. She takes note.

Xti Sneaker (€49.95)

girl power sneakers

we learned it in Women’s Weapons: sneakers are our best ally to face daily challenges and, why not, climb to the top of the building. Xti proposes to recover the excessive silhouette of the eighties, with a generous sole to step between cottons; and covers it in pastel colours, matching the season’s single-colour tailoring. Because there is nothing like sneakers to reduce the formality of a suit and fill it with a certain work irony and many possibilities away from the office.

Xti Loot ($49.95)

A pair of transitional sandals

We could say that between the sandals and the Roman sandals that the catwalk has revived, the high-top sandals are the missing link and, it must be said, the most sophisticated option. It is the perfect mid-season shoe, with a silhouette that hugs the foot, a contained heel that enhances the leg. Those of Xti are also a vindication of the quality of vegan skins and the skills of the artisans with whom they work.

Xti sneaker (€39.95)

The hybrid shoe

The tendency athletics it can be worn subtly, or scramble the codes until something totally new is created. Do you remember platform sneakers? The design that defined that first generation of bloggers, returns with a more contained wedge, to gain some height without taking your feet off the ground. In this hybridization exercise, another protagonist will be the sock shoe. Xti covers it with fantasy motifs for those dinners that we never know how or when they will end.

Xti espadrilles (€39.95)

Espadrilles are for summer

From those Jane Birkin postcards scented with the sea, to the summer evenings in the city suggested by the Spanish firm. To the wedge espadrilles, the favorite footwear of the influencers Parisians, absolutely everything suits them: floral dresses, sarongs and boho skirts, jeans… Their secret lies in the femininity that they exude and the versatility of their design. Xti reformulates them in pastel tones and a fine bracelet that highlights her ankle and brings her closer to the Mary Jane trend. Two in one.

Platform sandals (€39.95)

Chunky sandals

These off-road sandals are once again one of the most sought-after summer sandals. It may be because of the nineties nostalgia, which has reconciled us again with the platforms; or by the ground that fashion has gained trekking in our urban uniform. Whatever the secret of its resistance, there is no sandal more comfortable and impressive.

*In the opening image, Hiba Abouk is wearing Xti espadrilles (€39.95)

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