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The pre-holiday office binge: workers burned out because to rest before you have to work twice as hard | Worked

“There’s more to life than paying bills,” Templeton sang. And that feeling of being able to pause the infinite wheel of production for a moment is what those who are about to take a vacation or are already enjoying their days off experience these days. Although summer vacations are often looked forward to – or despairingly – they are often accompanied by more stress. The reason? That in many offices before leaving, it is time to close projects, delegate functions or prepare tasks in advance that others cannot assume. In this way, when one only thinks of lying in a hammock, one is immersed in a race against time to get everything ready. The state of exhaustion in which the first day of rest is reached requires almost a specific vacation just to recover from all the extra work that was put in to get there. And, on many occasions, to all the pressure of not getting to everything we have to add the preparations of going on a trip or organizing what the well-deserved rest will be like. A scenario with few hours of sleep ahead and much more activity than normal. This is what happens, for example, to Leticia Sainz, who before taking vacations, must always leave a large part of her work in advance. Sainz, who works as a content creator for different web pages, has come to be overwhelmed by this situation: “Before enjoying a few days off, in addition to carrying out the day-to-day work, I have to prepare everything that is not I will be able to do when I am away. So for me, the days before the break mean facing endless days and suffering much more stress than at any other time of the year”. Being burned out at work is an increasingly serious problem in Spanish society. One out of every four casualties that exist in our country is due to stress, that is, 25%, being the second reason for missing work, behind muscle and bone ailments. Translated into numbers, according to the AMAT (Association of Mutual Insurance for Accidents at Work), in Spain more than 25,000 million euros are lost each year due to work absenteeism and stress. With these numbers, beyond the mental health of the workers, which should always be a priority, avoiding this type of situation where the employee feels extreme burnout pays off. Expose the situation in time and without presenting it as a problem In large companies, it is quite common for teams to have a handover system in place that allows tasks to be transferred to other colleagues. This is possible because there are enough personnel to carry out these rotations. But, what can be done when this is not possible and it is the employees themselves who must manage themselves? Rafael San Román, psychologist at ifeel, explains that the fundamental thing is “to create a panoramic vision of the situation and calculate well what my absence is going to mean, since it is not the same to leave one week as three. So we have to think ‘if I were to be here these days, what would I have to do’ and carry out this transition as far in advance as possible and progressively, ”he explains. San Román also indicates that, if you have a good relationship with your colleagues, it will help a lot “to have someone who can cover us on some things or to be able to leave a person as a reference, at least to manage those tasks that cannot wait.” ”. When it is necessary to discuss these issues with a superior, the psychologist recommends being prepared with organizational alternatives and never raising it as a problem: “We must try to be neutral, because the boss may not have the same vision as us and not empathize”, explains San Roman. “That is why, in these situations, it is important to avoid phrases like “It is always my turn”, “You have to see how badly we organize ourselves”, etc. Instead, we must try to describe the situation we are facing in labor, technical terms, and offer alternatives with enough time before the holidays on how we can organize ourselves to ensure that we can all be well during that period. From Sodexo, a company that advises different companies to increase the well-being of their employees, they indicate that “each company has its own way of approaching its employees’ vacations and how it is done depends on many factors.” Míriam Martín, Director of Marketing and Communication, points out that to alleviate the pressure on workers, companies can “organize a good vacation schedule so that the workload is correctly distributed, arrange a return from work in the middle of the week , so that the re-entry is smoother, to be more flexible thanks to teleworking tools, which allow a more gradual disconnection and reconnection, the application of reduced working hours, etc.” In addition, as Teresa Cervera, director of Human Resources at the Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA), recalls, thanks to new technologies, “collaborative work methodologies and procedures are increasingly being implemented to share projects, which make it much easier and comfortable delegating pending tasks to others”. Everything to reach the goal of disconnecting with energy and wanting to squeeze everything you can at the moment when the wheel of productivity finally stops. *Some of the names of the people who have participated in this article have been modified to preserve their privacy

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