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The most flattering bathroom trends of this summer 2022

The most flattering bathroom trends of this summer 2022

We are so excited for this summer to arrive that even the latest Haute Couture fashion shows elevated showing centimeters of skin and wearing curly hair to the category of luxury. A search for that naturalness and carefreeness in which we immerse ourselves at this time of year and that reaches its maximum in this season’s swimwear lines thanks to firms such as Lefties. Because its proposal is a celebration in substance and form of good weather, where swimsuits and bikinis made of sustainable fabrics and vibrant prints reclaim their prominence and explore their capacity for reinvention to accompany us from the first dip of the day to those nights that never know how to end. . With summer kicking off the moment we begin to imagine it, Lefties has begun sketching out everything we’ll pack, previewing a series of refreshing collections and iconic swimwear and beachwear collaborations: in Chasing Sunshine, classic feminine silhouettes are reimagined with daring cuts, vitamin colors and texture contrasts; Sunny Days is a curvy defense that democratizes the trends of the season to open them to all sizes; MistralXLefties continues Lefties’ series of partnerships with sports brands that defined (and continue to define) our urban imaginary; while Forever Summer exploits the possibilities of the men’s bathroom. Lefties joins forces this season with Mistral, the windsurfing firm that brought saturated colors and technical fabrics from the board to the streets. In short, a complete and stimulating proposal –as is the hallmark of the house–, united under a common denominator: celebration and the power of bodies. Everyone. “Body expression is done from the maximum personal control”, they defend from the brand, and the reaffirmation is in a free and comfortable collection (with sizes ranging from the smallest to XL), which embraces the diversity of bodies and exalts every detail that makes it unique. Lefties’ ‘Sunny Days’ collection opens the season’s trends to all kinds of silhouettes and sizes. But this is just a preview of Lefties’ summer promise, a bet that transcends fashion to be enjoyed through the senses. From its special packaging, with bags and boxes dyed with tropical motifs that will be available from May 16 both in store and online; to the soundtrack of our days, with a Spotify playlist full of songs to shake off the heat and salt. And since summer is for meeting up with friends, under the title of Lefties Summer Experience, the brand will reveal its collections hand in hand with a series of influencers and prescribers, who have put their proposals to the test on paradisiacal beaches, as well as new Instagram filters that Lefties have launched for the occasion. Because we all know that what you don’t tell (or what you don’t brag about a little on networks) doesn’t exist. It’s time to take note. A dose of vitamin D The premise of the Chasing Sunshine collection is simple: take the catwalk trends down to the beachfront. And if there is a dominant current in the totum revolutum of this season, it is euphoria. An enthusiasm that translates into inherently sexy silhouettes, with clean and uncomplicated lines, that narrow to show flesh and lengthen to stylize the body. A safe bet? Triangle tops and V-shaped briefs (ties at the waist always score points): a classic dyed in neon colors that is as therapeutic as it is energetic. Made with timeless silhouettes and fabrics that are committed to sustainability, Lefties also reminds us of the premises that all swimwear must meet: that it feels good and lasts over time. Because squeezing the possibilities of a basic is very simple: the firm recovers the Mix & Match, mixing blocks of color and different textures, to create the most personal and unique beach looks. A splash of optimism and energy that also reaches the accessories, with flat sandals and flip-flops in acid colors, visors, sunglasses or bags and beach towels. The endless possibilities of the multi-position bikini Within the do-it-yourself fever stemming from the pandemic, multi-position bikinis will continue to be the season’s most popular ones thanks to their versatility. The Lefties proposal can be worn strapless, with a V-neckline, wrapover or halter. The possibilities are endless and transcend the beach ban. Add a basic shirt or a masculine blazer and you will have all the sophistication that the night demands. Clothes for a new summer of love This will also be the summer that we recover music nights and festivals, and, coincidence or not, the new age prints that make up the Woodstock imagery return with the same force. Psychedelic motifs and hippie graphics that connect us with nature to the rhythm of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix. A spirituality that is also transferred to the Lefties beachwear proposal, with flowing fabric dresses, caftans and tunics; while the accessories connect with natural fabrics and handmade techniques, such as crochet or macramé. Bikinis with an Old Hollywood air In another nostalgic trip, the swimwear proposals also recover the glamor of old Hollywood, with silhouettes with a pin-up air. High-waisted two pieces and halter bras that emphasize the lines of the body and never go out of style. Any photo of Ava Gardner or Ginger Rogers serves as inspiration. The Versatility of the Liberty Print Forgive us Miranda Priestly, the adamant editor of The Devil Wears Prada, but there are prints we’re not willing to give up. Among the classic motifs of sailor stripes and polka dots, this season liberty gains special relevance –a nod to the firm that popularized it–, covering both classic swimsuits with a rectangular neckline and curtain bikinis with a romantic floral mantle. Among all its versions, we are left with this one from Lefties, which enhances its natural side with sustainable fabrics with a rough or honeycomb texture. A collection cut by diversity Finding a swimsuit in which we feel comfortable and safe has never been an easy task. The difficulty lies not so much in the lack of options as in the lack of prospects. For years, fashion made us believe that each body had a design –and not the other way around–, whose magic was based on its ability to hide supposed defects and bring us closer to one of those established and impossible canons. The Sunny Days collection by Lefties seeks to deconstruct that message, with swimsuits and bikinis that open trends to all kinds of sizes and silhouettes: cut-out swimsuits, asymmetrical necklines, sporty silhouettes, curtain bikinis… All formulated under a single pretext: choose the ones you like the most. The security of the curtain bikini It has everything we ask of a swimsuit: it is simple, timeless and looks good on everyone. Although the curtain bikini is one of those classics that we keep in the closet, it has become the object of desire of the season due to the deconstructed way of wearing it. Last year we already began to see it upside down, with a 180-degree reverse turn that created a disruptive optical effect. Lefties proposes to go one step further this summer and transform it into a false bandeau that adapts even better to the body. The most flattering square neckline The rage over Victorian series, especially that pop delight that is The Bridgertons, has also had an impact on our wardrobe, filling up with corsets and court dresses. In swimwear trends, that flattering vintage square neckline is reflected in swimsuits and bikinis with minimalist lines. Made of sustainable fabrics and pastel tones, the Lefties proposal is close to the sports aesthetic and allows us to dive into the sea as well as face the heat in the city, completing them with skirts or tailored shorts. MistralxLefties, the collection for surf lovers Before windsurfing became an Olympic discipline, Mistral turned a passion for the waves into an aspirational lifestyle, with Californian airs and vibrant colors. Unintentionally, these garments made of technical fabrics and functional lines hit the streets at the end of the eighties, sheltered by a generation fascinated by pop culture and hip hop video clips. MistralXLefties opens a new chapter in the history of Lefties alliances, such as Kelme or Umbro, with which it reclaims the powerful legacy of the most iconic sports brands of the nineties. The result is a sports collection that dives into the aesthetic codes of the Swiss firm: color blocks, innovative fabrics and its well-known ‘M’ stamped on each garment. The feminine proposal to wait for the big wave, is made up of classic and long-sleeved swimsuits, as well as closed bikinis with great support, with bright tones and small surfer winks, such as daring central zippers. On the other hand, in the men’s proposals, it is impossible not to remember series from the 90s such as Saved by the Bell or The Heartbreakers, with t-shirts and sweatshirts full of logos and long surf trunks and others with a tight fit to the leg. The functional nature of Mistral is revealed in the details, such as the technical fasteners or the fabrics with +50 sun protection, in a collection that once again promises to flout the limits of the beach, thanks to tennis court dresses or buckets and backpacks bathed in nostalgia. The basics for an endless summer Forever Summer is Lefties’ men’s swimwear collection, a very extensive collection of swimwear made of quick-drying fabrics and tropical-inspired colors. An infallible option? The standard-length swimsuit –with a contained length, up to the middle of the leg– that has reigned over the catwalks thanks to Dolce&Gabbana or Celine. All a best seller, in all kinds of colors, to brand new wardrobe every day. Nor can this summer be missing a Cuban collar shirt that condenses all our desire to escape to tropical latitudes: short sleeves, bold print and the perfect cut to go from their wardrobe to ours.

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