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the makeup trend that is here to stay

the makeup trend that is here to stay

Although it was the pandemic that increased the interest in the look —for the use of masks—, the relaxation of the restrictions does not deflate the trend. Simple and intuitive products are now in demand with which to achieve an eye-catching finish. “The beauty consumer of 2022 is looking for convenience, color and high technology in a single application that guarantees greater control and creativity,” they defend in the latest annual report on the sector by the big data agency Spate. “There is a trend among customers who demand easy products, with an immediate and lasting result,” says Sergio Valle, trainer and make-up artist at Sisley Spain. Formulas that also do not require time or expert knowledge. Color cosmetics in Europe moves almost as much a year as fragrances: according to the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, its volume amounts to 11,000 million euros (compared to 12,200 for perfume). Among eye shadows, the growth of liquids stands out, whose searches tripled last year after appearing in several YouTube and TikTok tutorials. They are spread with their own sponge or even with your finger: “Directly on the eyelid, without blending”, recommends Valle, “different intensities can be achieved by applying layer upon layer, without working the product”. Alone or in combination with traditional powder shadows: “In this case, first the powder and then the liquid, which will create a sealed and luminous effect.” For a natural finish, the expert recommends drawing a line at the base of the lashes and extending with the applicator up to the crease of the mobile eyelid. For more intensity? “Overlay another layer” or mix tones. SISLEY Ombre Éclat Liquide eyeshadow in the shade Bronze, which contains setting powder and vegetable glycerin to maintain hydration in this delicate area. Photo: Plató S Moda

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– Article Written By @P. R. from https://smoda.elpais.com/belleza/maquillaje/sombra-liquida-ojos-cosmetica-color-sisley/

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