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The flat shoe trap: abusing shoes without heels can be as harmful as doing them with heels | Beauty, Wellness

You see the sandals in the photo above and you think “How comfortable! We have finally ended the tyranny of heels.” Fortunately, this is the case: the trends seen on catwalks and street style have been showing for seasons that you can dress elegantly and comfortably by choosing ballerinas, espadrilles or sports shoes. However, all that glitters is not gold and appearances can be deceiving, because it is likely that the relative comfort that a flat shoe suggests will end up generating one or more ailments in the feet, calves and even knees: “Many times we do not give the importance that It has to the footwear, most of the discomfort in the legs, sole of the foot or Achilles heel, come from the use of bad footwear. People have always talked about the problems that wearing heels can cause to our feet, but wearing completely flat shoes is not the solution either”, Javier González, trainer and director of JG Fitness Coaching, explains to S Moda. While it is true that wearing high heels for a long time is harmful and that in exactly one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds of wearing them – as confirmed by the UK College of Podiatrists in a study of 2,000 women – we begin to feel that recognized burning in the front pad and tension in the arch of the foot. Something similar could happen to us going flat. Why? We consulted with several experts what could be the terrible consequences if we abuse flat shoes. When we abuse going flat To begin with, as Dr. Fernando Martínez Merino, podiatrist, clarifies, “we must make a double categorization of what is meant by flat shoes, since the reality is that patients confuse flat with thin or no damping. The minimum sole shoe is not recommended in any case for the development of normal life, with the exception that in some sports (dance, dancing, etc.) it becomes an imperative need », he points out. And it is that in addition to the height of the heel, we must take into account the appearance of the sole that acts as a support point for our entire body: «The ideal thing is that it has a sole that is neither very thin nor very rigid, so that it provides a correct cushioning and it is not the foot that fully supports the impact of the tread. If we wear completely flat shoes, the foot will not have good support in the heel area or an adequate shape for the arch of the foot, causing pain both in the muscles and in the tendons of the foot and structures close to it, “says González. Once these two aspects have been distinguished, it should be noted that “a good flat shoe is one in which there is a difference in height between the heel and the forefoot area, a fact known as ‘drop’, and which can be beneficial in many patients, such as those with compensatory biomechanics due to other pathologies or those with retraction of the posterior muscles of the leg or thigh, cases in which having a slight heel favors the development of the pronation compensatory mechanism that is carried out in order to bend the better ankle”, develops Martínez Merino. Now, and if you do not suffer from any diagnosed problem in the muscles and structure of the feet, legs and ankles, abusing flat shoes can be as harmful as using 10-centimeter heels and, according to experts, can cause these five injuries among others: 1. Osteoarthritis: inflammation and wear of the joint that is overloaded. It can happen in the knee or ankle. 2. Plantar fasciitis: inflammation and degeneration of the fascia, a network of connective tissue that runs from the heel bone to the toes. 3. Change of posture: hyperextension of the knee and/or hip and anteversion of the pelvis that can generate a lumbar lordosis. 4. Fallen arch: disorder of the bridge area that suffers excessively from always going flat. It translates over time into pain when walking. 5. Tendinitis: tension in the Achilles, gastrocnemius and hamstring tendons that are overloaded and suffer if you go from wearing heels to flat shoes. When? Experts agree: at this time and, especially, after the first weeks of summer, cases of plantar fasciitis and other ailments caused by wearing flat shoes increase. In good weather, we put away our winter shoes that tend to have a few centimeters of heel (if only by design), and we put on more ballerinas, sandals and flip-flops that tend to offer thinner and flatter soles, as well as less support in the whole foot So flat footwear, if it’s of quality, is not harmful in itself, but above all the drastic change and that false idea of ​​comfort that makes us fall into the trap. The solution? Make a gradual transition and, above all, invest in shoes with good cushioning and foot grip. In addition, and to the delight of the most presumptuous, there is the perfect heel and it measures only 3.5 centimeters. Among the experts it is known as “sensible heel” and it is the one that does not sin neither by excess nor by default and that does not change our way of walking or the biomechanics of our body.

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