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“The anti-pregnancy clauses in the game sound like an aberration to me”


His voice sounds like an Olympic, rhythmic gymnastics broadcast. Paloma del Río (Madrid, 61 years old) did not know whether to study psychology or journalism. He chose the second option and paid for his studies at Complutense, working as a clinical assistant in the ICU of a Ruber private clinic. It appeared on TVE in 1986, its first broadcast was a table tennis match in Seville. Since then he has turned to minority sports luge till curling) and described eight Summer Games and six Winter Games. The first was Seoul in 1988 and he still feels that sentiment. “It was fulfilling a dream,” he recalls over the phone without traveling and preparing the people of Tokyo early in the morning because of the time difference. He believes athletes will sweep this appointment, but that hasn’t always been the case, which he analyzes in his new book, more than olympics (Dome).

When you started, was it a risky sport to be a woman and a sports journalist?

Some pioneers were already there, Mari Carmen Izquierdo, Olga Vieza, Maria Escario, Maria Antonia Martínez … only for men.

Did you live up to a manly attitude?

There was a day when one of those comrades lived alone with me, followed me, put his hand on my chest and said: “Oh, what do I have here?” I turned and said, “Do you want them to do this to your daughter?” Not only is it the fact that they feel that they have authority over you, but it also bothers them that women enter the area they feel is their personal refuge.

Does JJ OO even have a match?

Yes, of course, there have been a lot of matchsticks. Since Pierre de Coubertin, he has gradually entered women’s programs with the Shoehorn. Juan Antonio Samaranch was a great proponent of the removal of these obstacles in his 21-year presidency of the IOC.

Why does everyone know Pierre de Coubertin and why do few know Alice Milliot?

Because he has always been known as the man who restored JJ OO of the modern era in 1896. Little did I know that he had that anti-feminist aspect, that contempt for women he considered second class and was little less than an ornament. society. He had not imagined that women could practice sports, especially at the current level. And Alice Milliot was a pioneer, brave, she stood before him and reaffirmed the role of women in sport. Since she was not allowed to participate, she created the female parallel JJ Oo, and then they integrated.

He says the athletes had to undress before the committee to prove that they were women.

Tremendous things have been done, as has been done with the athlete recently. caster semenya, because your temperament gives you a body with a high testosterone level and they tell you that you have to lower those levels… why always experiment with women? They are genetic experiments, and no one even thinks to do the same to men.

Why is there still a maternity clause in athletes’ contracts in 2021?

Putting these anti-pregnancy clauses on them seems like an aberration to me. It should be the opposite, helping them so that they can return to their sports career without any problems. The good thing about social networks is that they expose this type of behavior. You can’t campaign in favor of women and then one of your clients gets pregnant and suddenly you tapped contracts for her.

In the network, gymnast Simone Biles also revealed in 2018 that she had been sexually abused by US team doctor Larry Nassar, and in 2020 she joined a lawsuit against her Olympic committee to see if they are aware. Will this action mark a before and after?

The gymnastics world turned upside down when we found out Larry Nassar’s Abuse And how nobody did nothing and looked the other way for years. The scandal was such that nothing has been the same since then and the fact that Simone Biles said she was also a victim of this predator meant it meant lighting the fuse for many other gymnasts to talk about. For what each had suffered in their own country. Now is the time to avoid the recurrence of these events, however, unfortunately, I am not optimistic and many things will have to be changed so that they end permanently.