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That they can get on the table to dance: the unusual rules of Casa Bonay, the coolest hotel-club in Barcelona | pleasures

That they can get on the table to dance: the unusual rules of Casa Bonay, the coolest hotel-club in Barcelona |  pleasures

The photo that opens this report is the result of chance and, however, it is not. The briefing that Inés Miró-Sans (Barcelona, ​​38 years old) gave for the new hotel project that she is now creating in Sa Riera, in the Ampurdán area, said exactly that: “Design a hotel where people can get on the the table to dance”. The creator of the already legendary Casa Bonay hotel knows that it is the spirit, the soul of the place, that is what matters most in a hotel. “I told this to a person who had worked with André Balazs and I was excited when he told me that this was the Balazs concept, in fact in the first Standard and Chateau Marmont (created by Balazs) all the surfaces were designed to being able to hold at least 70 kilos”, explains Inés sitting in Bodega, the Casa Bonay restaurant. It was inaugurated in 2016 near the Plaza de Tetuán, when it had not yet become one of the most desired areas for commerce and hospitality. “I saw this building in 2012 and there was no business or activity here that there is now. There was no Sivasdescalzo, no Parking Pizza… it’s like a small island with brutal architecture that is still a neighborhood. And I thought, this is it.” This is Casa Bonay. A large part of the creative energy of Barcelona that was outside the most obvious circuits participated in its creation: Marc Morro and Miguel Milá in the decoration; Pepi de Boissieu, in the gastronomic proposal; Nina Masó from Santa & Cole in the lighting… It was they themselves who formed the group that almost inadvertently energized the hotel because they were always there until Casa Bonay became, by contagion, the meeting point of a certain distilled Barcelona, ​​less tourist and more creative. A private family. The entrance of Casa Bonay, where “we wanted the street to enter the hotel”. In the background, the Libertine, cocktail bar and bar. Photo: GREGORI CIVERA Since then Bonay has been evolving. It started with a restaurant by Estanis Carenzo, the chef at Sudestada and Chifa, with a pioneering concept that, according to Inés, they didn’t give enough time to consolidate. “It was a unique project and Barcelona seems very cosmopolitan and modern, but things take time to come together, the numbers didn’t turn out the way we wanted and the nerves started. Estanis leaving was the biggest mistake, we should have waited.” Later, the twins of the Venetian Xemei passed by and between them and the closure due to the pandemic they set up an ephemeral restaurant with María Solivellas, from Ca Na Toneta. Now all this evolution is reflected in Bodega, “somehow after the covid we said ‘since we have gone around so much here we are going to unite everything’, and from minute one it has been a success. They gave us a sun [un sol de la guía Repsol], they have placed us in the 50 best openings of the Macarfi guide and the best in all of Barcelona”, says Inés. In Bodega, the menu mixes a broad Mediterranean concept that goes far beyond our coasts and reaches Tunisia, Italy or Israel. A restaurant with Mediterranean-inspired dishes with a menu of more than 200 wines, many natural, something unthinkable in most hotels. A room with lamps from Santa & Cole. Photo: GREGORI CIVERA But Casa Bonay is not the majority, and neither is Inés. In a world of men such as hotels (“women and the hotel is an issue because hotel businesses are traditionally governed by families, management positions are inherited among men, and it is very normal to find myself in a meeting with 15 hoteliers and myself ”), she has created a different structure. A requirement to work in reception is not to have worked in a reception before so that the hotel does not breathe a hotel. “It’s like a house, but bigger,” she says. And that, being the hostess of a house with many rooms was her longing since she was a child. “I was lucky enough to travel a lot with my grandmother and I was always fascinated by hotels. They tell me, I don’t remember, that once they were already in the taxi. I was still in the hotel reception and when my mother came to look for me I told her that I wanted one last photo of that moment. Fascinated by hotels ever since, by that place where people abandon themselves to the hospitality of others, she convinced her mother, a notary and notary’s daughter, that she wanted to dedicate herself to the hospitality industry in a very simple way. “She asked me why and I told her that she wanted to make people feel special,” she explains. So when she finished her degree she started at the Omm hotel. “When I left Esade all my classmates earned a lot of money and I was a maid refilling minibars, but I loved it”. She then went through the Ace Hotels in Palm Springs, Portland and New York, to whose reception she arrived from practice after sending an email saying that she was preparing for what would later become Casa Bonay. Now Casa Bonay plans to expand to the Ampurdán in a project that is still only known to be dedicated to wellness, but understood in her own way. No spas, no jets, no slimming creams. The briefing already made it clear, she has to be able to dance on the tables. Detail of the bathroom of one of the rooms. Photo: GREGORI CIVERA The reception, a small space attended by students, artists, nature lovers, people who have something special, but who have not worked in hotels before. Photo: GREGORI CIVERA Libertine cocktail, where all the bitters are created by hand. Photo: GREGORI CIVERA * Photography assistant: Luis Ayora.

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