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“Tell me you’re posh without telling me you’re posh”: Victoria Beckham debuts on Tik Tok laughing at herself | News, Fashion

Victoria Beckham knows how to take advantage of social networks. When she launched her beauty line three years ago, the designer began making tutorials on YouTube and her channel grew to 150,000 followers. On her instagram, which is followed by no less than 30 million people, she combines the respective launches of her fashion and cosmetic brands with everyday videos of her family or photos in which, like one more influencer, she details how she has combined her clothing. Now Beckham has just debuted on Tiktok where, in 24 hours, she has already reached close to one hundred thousand followers, and she has done it with a video in which she laughs at herself. “Tell me you’re a dick without telling me you’re a dick,” she says, paraphrasing the typical internet expression and ironizing her past as the dick spice. Then a waiter hands her a plate of boiled vegetables and her grilled salmon. “I love it,” she replies. She a few months ago. In the culinary podcast ‘River Café table’, David Beckham confessed the couple’s eating habits: “I am excited by food and good wine, I try to try everything. Unfortunately, I am married to a person who has been eating the same thing for 25 years”, she recounted, “She has been eating and dining on grilled fish with boiled vegetables since I have known her”. Victoria has only skipped her strict regimen once “when I was pregnant with Harper” i.e. twelve years ago, “she ate something that was on my plate, I don’t remember what, but it was one of my favorite nights” Unsurprisingly , the footballer’s confession gave rise to dozens of articles talking about the harm of eating the same thing for a quarter of a century and many other testimonies that said they had tried Victoria’s diet. She apologized weeks later in a recent interview with Vogue Australia. “She makes her look boring. What she means is that she hasn’t met anyone as disciplined as me,” she explains in the interview. “I eat healthy fats: fish, nuts, avocado, that kind of thing. And she drinks alcohol unless she has a reason not to,” she recounted. Using the hashtag #stitchposh, Beckham encourages his followers to share their own posh stories. Bearing in mind that it is not the first time that the designer has laughed at her own life (she was seen years ago wearing a T-shirt with the message ‘fashion has stolen my smile’ and became a master of snapchat filters) It would not be strange to see her in the coming weeks joining one of the eccentric dances that populate this social network.

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