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I don’t play. I tried many times, but never succeeded. I have joined gym just not to go. I tried running several times, to no avail. For a time, I tried, like everyone else, to follow the Fury Seven Minute Routine. the new York Times. There were only four. The matter is so serious that a year before the pandemic (of course we will date life that way from now on) a colleague gave me the contact of his personal trainer. On Tuesdays, at 7.30 a.m., Frank would knock on the door of my house and he would surprise me in my pajamas and with coffee in hand. Yes, I was late for class at my own home.

I don’t do sports, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a complete kit to practice it. For a time I bought, like everyone else, many leggings and t-shirts from the Austin brand, Outdoor Voices, which debuted sports millennium. I dream of Entireworld tracksuits I imagine draping myself in one of them when I go out to the pool to do several lengths. Do you remember that ad from a great sports brand in which an athlete admitted that “this kit makes me run faster”? This is my mantra.

With all this stuff, they will understand that the Olympic Games are nothing but a concern for me. The Tour, Wimbledon, Vuelta and the Games better depict summer fatigue than a Guadagnino film. I’m Not Immune To Simone Biles (Who Is) And I’ve Looped Her right ten By Nadia Comaneci with her stunning jersey from the other side of the wall. I’m fascinated by the sectional cut of the pool where Michael Phelps used to swim and if at dawn I find a match curling I don’t tear myself off the couch. But that’s it.

I remember when the world stopped we all considered the Olympic Games as our goal. It seemed impossible to suspend them. This had happened only three times before and always because of world wars. Athletes saw their four years of training turn into five. The converted city of Tokyo itself was retreating to receive the hordes of visitors. The organization, the money invested and the confusion were postponed for a year. The announcement assessed the severity of the pandemic.

The Olympic Games, I understood then, are a kind of very punctuality symbolizing the passing of the world. I don’t stop this clock more than the times when the world stops. It serves to mark records and exploits. Its symbolic power, as we know well from the Berlin 1936 quote, is powerful enough to drive Hitler out of his own stadium.

In this issue we review sports and games from very different perspectives. That is the fashion, which is totally influenced by sports in recent times. the one with fair play And camaraderie: Read the cover interview with Florence Pugh, she’s quite the revelation. We speak with Paloma Del Rio, the voice we will always associate with sports and who speaks about the difficulties of being a sports journalist and a woman. Manchester United player Ona Battle settles the connection between sports and mental health, a difficult balance, and surfer Ariane Ochoa explains how sports don’t qualify for: over-training.

Enjoy these readings and the Olympics. This year, which is really the past (remember they are still called Tokyo 2020), I plan to do it.