“Spain’s royalty causes me a lot of favor, royalty all over Europe”

They say that Lido is the details of Pimienta Barranquilla. For his music with organic and electronic textures, for his highly personal aesthetic commitment. And, although she assures that she would love to travel to Iceland to make her next album, at age 35, there is no need to compare this artist to someone born in Colombia and based in Canada. In 2010, they released their debut album, color; In 2016 he won critical acclaim with Cambias and Mix of Sounds Papessa And in 2020 he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album for his latest work, Miss Columbia.

“To be from Colombia is a very physical understanding of violence,” he recounts, recalling a moment of his childhood: “We were on the roof and suddenly had a confrontation with the FARC; we had to run home and go under the bed The artist has once again condemned such violence in his native country in recent times, in which he has closely followed Protest Against Ivan Duke’s government launched in Cali, which has already killed 42 people. «Our people, our people hurt us and having a lukewarm situation does not serve us, we have to explicitly ask for the resignation of the Duke, who has never been President, only a servant and who is clearly in his mandate. / Expect only one from the regime Display Television, he is a disheveled performer (because he has no talent) but he has the protection of someone who never gave peace to Colombia, Colombian patron Uribe Velez (…) cannot be accepted That the youth continue to be murdered may be justified for throwing stones at some military police who have bulletproof jackets and weapons of war. It is not equivalent to, and will never be, a rock for a tank or submachine gun ”, he wrote in his account instagram To criticize the current situation.

She moved to Canada with her parents and sister when she was 12 years old, to escape the violence, “out of necessity, for safety.” Language change was not a problem, I already spoke English. “The The jerk It was finding my voice as a Colombian that could never be developed or anchored. I have always felt that I am neither here nor there. That story of romanticizing the place where we live is very immigrant. We don’t care about the unbearable things in our country and we look at them and laugh, but it is really infuriating, “he reflects. He was born a year before that experience Miss colombia, Where he included a collaboration with Le Saumet (from the Bogotá band Bomba Asterio), whose performance tour – including a trip to Spain – was plunged into the bud by the epidemic. Playing with her two-year-old daughter, she says that she could not stop her – »I have three children, two whom I gave birth to and one I am raising», she says-, she composed, she made clothes Continued, painting and video …

Lido Pepper

Lido Pimienta outside his Toronto home. Photo: Pablo Zamora

How have you been this past year?
Okay, at first I thought it was going to be a very short break, but then I realized that it was for more. Sometimes we artists think that our art is going to save the world, and what the epidemic has done reminds me that life goes on. This is what I have felt throughout this time: life is putting me in my place and wants me not to focus on just one thing. I am back to the way I started on the Internet. I think we are 10 years behind. And that’s fine.

Are you worried about the future of the industry?
I think those of us who play live, who are making sacrifices, are not as great as those who will benefit from it in the future. The music industry, especially at the executive level, is suffering. They realize that artists are the ones who maintain their way of life. The music industry seems to be disintegrating. It has reached a point where it is so shameless, it is shown that they are a corporation, a business, sales records are considered more important than being an artist.

Will there be a paradigm shift?
I hope so The disappointment for me is when everything will be alright and Donna cry. [como ella llama a la covid] Sleep everything becomes normal. My biggest fear is: We go back to the streets but with more waste, more use of plastic, more pollution … It has been wonderful for me to see how many animals have returned to nature in these months Has inspired me a lot. Obviously frustrated, I wanted to go back to touring Europe, especially because the royalty of Spain makes me very funny, the royalty of Europe as a whole.

And why do you find it funny?
Because it’s like a soap opera, baby, queen … I also wanted to go to London to talk about how Harry went to the United States with Meghan Markle, because they’re so racist … he’s a Neither is there a black woman and it seems that she is the worst thing that could have happened to them. In my music festivals, since my music is emotional and I talk about intimate things, I like to have that duel, make jokes and talk about things happening in each country. I read a lot of news. As a colonist subject, I love when I go to Spain to tell them “Okay, now I’m going to colonize you with my music.” And we laugh, this is the moment of reconciliation that can only be given that way. The thing that has hurt me the most in these months is not connecting with such people, I learn a lot on my travels.

He always highlights his stylistic proposition, takes great care of his clothes: something he does, and he also chooses to commit firms such as Nor Black or Nor White. What does fashion mean to you?
I love fashion, I feel that as a medium of expression it is very essential for mental health. My whole life has been one that has managed to give me a little entertainment, enjoyment and power. And I really like working with artists and designers from all over the world.

Any recent searches?
Esteban Cortazar, a Colombian designer who makes clothes Ready to wear But higher. And Cruda, a Costa Rican shoe designer’s brand that lives in Mexico. Super popular brand I am not that much interested, but I am interested in making handmade things, limited editions, vintages, accessories, making my clothes …

Have you thought about starting your own line?
I want to make aprons for art studios, to sound people at music festivals… For me, creating is like breathing. There is a difference between entertainment And an artist, and I’m an artist. It is a slow path, you are not going to be a millionaire, but there is an emotional reward, I know I have not sold my soul. I will always be loyal to my art.

It seemed that 2020, which began with a break from the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, was going to be a year of Latin vengeance in the US “I had a lot of mixed feelings with that show. I find Jennifer Lopez fantastic, but there are also things she does that disappoint me as a woman with black and indigenous roots; She takes and adopts characters that are not her abilities “, argues Lido Pimienta.” To me, the demand will be to include the things that Latin America truly represents. 500 years later, the white woman is still what is called beautiful and the rest of us have to look at her and think ‘I want to be like her because this is what society is asking of me.’ In his songs he addresses the issue, talks about his roots, and also talks about stereotypes.

Dedicate your subject Nothing For the pain of being a woman. Why did you decide to make this feminist claim?
This was not really a conscious decision. For me being a feminist means taking into account the pain and struggle of all women. It has nothing to do with selfishness. I wrote it as a lullaby for my daughter and it ended as a testament to the pain of being a woman. Graduating as a woman means that you have gone through a lot of pain in your life.

Like in songs Cuckoo hair She talks about the discrimination she experienced about straightening her curly hair to be accepted at her school. Do you hope that your children do not have to go through this?
We are in Canada, where there is a lot of dialogue about race and relationships with indigenous groups. And this generation is smarter and has more autonomy. I was not allowed to have my opinion about things. I went to a Catholic school, where at least once a week they sent me to the psychologist’s office and there were religion teachers next to them. He always said to me “Do you believe in the devil?” Because I was physically and culturally different. I would dress differently and they would say to me “You are devilish, like Marihuanera” … I was always attacked like a person who lives under a bridge. This is what people said about me, because I dared to question things.

Do you think protecting diversity is going to be something permanent, not a trend? Rihanna revolutionized the world of makeup with different shades of Fenty and is now the norm.
I think the black woman is the source of all knowledge. And the black woman is copied, but the motivation is money, not diversity. The agenda here is to make money and it always has been. Any movement that is popular and viral, has already been lost, do not pay attention to it.

* Photography Assistant: Orlando Gutierrez.

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