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Sofía Paramio: “My grandmother’s engagement ring is my favorite jewel” | Fashion

Sofía Paramio is a journalist, influencer and businesswoman. From her Instagram account, where she has more than 86,000 followers, she prescribes fashion and jewelry, another of her great passions. On the occasion of her collaboration with the Rabat jewelry firm, we spoke with her about the new Three Wishes collection. A set of emblematic, timeless jewels of artisanal excellence made with rose gold and diamonds. How do you like jewelry? I am of extremes, or I lean towards minimal and timeless pieces, or for others of large size and with something special. In RABAT they always have what I’m looking for. Tell me about a piece that you have special affection for. My grandmother’s engagement ring. My grandfather gave it to her along with a watch and some earrings and I love the outfit and the family load it has. Any trick to combine jewelery that never fails? Less is more. An ideal, for example, is to combine rose gold pieces with brilliant cut diamonds from RABAT’s Three Wishes collection. Sofía Paramio with jewels from the Three Wishes collection in Rabat. How do you disconnect from social networks? It is quite easy for me to disconnect, when I am with my family or friends it is difficult for me to be connected, in fact. I think it’s important that we all set limits, so that we live reality and are connected to the moment, not merely through a screen. Do you impose limits on yourself so as not to abuse your mobile? Yes, especially during the week, since on weekends I don’t use it as much. I try to leave it aside after an hour. Do you have any present or future project in which you have put your professional illusion? All about Management has grown a lot since its launch and I am especially excited about a new project that we will launch soon. We are looking forward to it and I am very happy with the path we have traveled and the one we still have to go. Also, within Julieta’s Golden Rosé, a rosé wine that I launched with Saioa Goitia in 2020, we just released our white version very recently and we are very happy.

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