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So short that they almost don’t exist: the pants from the 2000s that Rosalía has recovered | Fashion

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While, currently, the use of shorts is not exclusive to any gender or age, people have not always enjoyed this freedom when it comes to dressing. In the past, women could only wear long dresses that covered their feet and showing their legs was something only allowed among men. But they ended up losing that privilege and shorts came to be seen only among younger boys, a tradition that dates back to the 16th century and is still present today in countries like the United States, where men are prohibited from wearing their legs. discovered in formal work settings. However, they were gaining freedom. In the sixties the miniskirt emerged and, with it, the rest of the garments began to shorten, including pants. British designer Mary Quant, famous for popularizing the miniskirt in 1965, was also in charge of promoting shorts among the female public. She presented a design with legs that barely extended five centimeters that soon became popular and were baptized as hotpants by the American fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily, a term that is still used today to refer to this type of pants. This garment managed to captivate relevant figures of the time such as Twiggy or Jane Birkin. Jane Birkin, wearing velvet shorts, in 1971. Photo: Getty Over the years, so-called hotpants have been reinventing themselves, exploring new shapes and fabrics, and generally getting shorter, becoming very popular in the 2000s. A decade in which pop stars like Britney Spears or Beyoncé chose this tiny garment to get on stage. Since then, there are several seasons in which they have been postulated as one of the summer trends, being one of those garments that survive among the multitude of proposals that dominate the catwalks each season. But this does not mean that they do not experience variations. In recent years, they have been seen in the fashion shows of numerous firms such as Saint Laurent or Chanel, with their most sophisticated versions presented in 2018 and 2020, respectively; Dolce & Gabbana or Jaquemus, with its proposals in knit fabric that became popular in 2020 or Isabel Marant and its more casual version in denim exhibited in 2019. Proposals that have little or nothing to do with the first shorts designs that used to be elaborate in fabrics such as velvet or silk and its design followed a much more minimalist and demure aesthetic. Their continuous reinvention is possibly one of the reasons why they remain on the rise. While longer versions such as shorts are a trend this season, covering the thighs of the legs with relaxed lines that blur the silhouette, fashion is capable of putting other completely antagonistic shorts models in the spotlight. We are talking about micro shorts or, what is the same, pants in their shorter version, a type of pants that is gaining prominence thanks to the recent appearances of celebrities such as Rosalía or Emily Ratajkowski wearing this complicated garment. Rosalía, with ‘micro shorts’, during the filming of the ‘Despecha’ video clip in Palma de Mallorca, this Saturday. Photo: Contact The Catalan singer, who is in full tour of the Motomami World Tour, manages to viralize everything she touches. She does it with her songs —even before launching them, as is the case with Despecha, which finally came out on July 28— and also with her outfits. One of the most talked about this week is starring shorts in their most risky version, which the artist has combined with a red bikini on the beaches of Mallorca, where she was this weekend recording the video clip of her recently released song. A stylistic proposal in which the tiny proportions of the piece blur the boundaries between underwear and pants. One of the key firms in the return of the trend of shortening garments to the maximum has been Miu Miu. At the beginning of the year, she surprised with her controversial viral top and miniskirt outfit worn by women with different bodies and ages such as Nicole Kidman in the US edition of Vanity Fair or Paloma Elsesser, with a size 46, who starred on the cover of iD wearing also one of the tiny sets of the Italian firm. The appearance of the model won the applause of social networks, which celebrated seeing this type of clothing on bodies different from those usually seen on the catwalk. However, despite this powerful message of body acceptance, most fashion firms do not have a wide enough range of sizes in their catalog to cover different bodies and, sometimes, even though they appear on their website , there is usually no availability, as was the case with the Miu Miu set. Now, after sweeping this outfit that, despite the controversy, was positioned as one of the most viral proposals of the season, the brand’s new bet for the next autumn-winter season is precisely the tiny shorts. The collection, presented last March at Paris Fashion Week, has numerous variations of this garment, with different fabrics and prints, which share its mini cut and low waist. One of her ambassadors is Emily Ratajkowski, who has starred in the brand’s new campaign with her tiny double-belted trousers, combined with a diamond-patterned sweater, a coat and a branded bag. This trend has also been joined by singer-songwriter Annie Clark, better known by her stage name Ella St. Vincent, who has taken to the stage in mini shorts on more than one occasion. St. Vincent, during the Days Off Festival at the Paris Philharmonic on July 5, dressed in ‘mini shorts’. Photo: Getty Although it seems difficult to convince the general public, there are several firms, in addition to Miu Miu, who have opted for the return of this trend that seeks to enhance the legs with a tiny garment. From more sophisticated sequined models such as those proposed by Chanel in its spring-summer 2022 collection to the more risky ones that flee from traditional aesthetics such as those of Blumarine, passing through the colorful and comfortable designs of Isabel Marant or the proposals for next fall. -winter by Hermès, they all have a common characteristic: their short length. The spring-summer 2022 collections of Chanel and Blumarine, presented at the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks, respectively, include different models of mini ‘shorts’. Photo: Getty On the right, one of the ‘looks’ from Isabel Marant’s spring-summer collection. On the left, one of the Hermès proposals for autumn-winter 2023.

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