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The new scenario unleashed by covid-19 and the imposition of social distance has put on the table a theme that has been brewing for years: a more relaxed and natural aesthetic has landed in our lives (and our homes) and it seems to stay .

Over the last few months, in addition to opting for comfort when choosing our daily wardrobe, we have also given a twist to our beauty routine: we have moved away from the impossible heels and the most sophisticated makeup (pushed by the imposition of the mask and its checkmate to the lipsticks). We live an ode to naturalness and the celebration of reality: welcome to life without filters.

Wearing a fresh, natural and blemish-free face has been elevated as the most desired. But let’s face it, who gets up with even skin, perfectly hydrated and with a precise highlight on the cheekbones? Achieving that washed-out effect with a radiant finish is not an easy task and requires a perfect balance between proper hydration, a light tan and an awakened look.

Makeup does not make up it is an art. We talk to the makeup artist Amaia ruiz that explains the step by step to wear a relaxed look and show off your natural face:

1.- Cleaning and hydration

The house does not start with the roof and to achieve the desired look “good face” the first area that we must tackle is the care of our skin. “It is important that it is clean, fresh and properly hydrated before starting the makeup,” explains Amaia. This way we will ensure that the makeup base does not crack and that the skin looks uniform. If we want an extra light, “we can opt for an illuminating primer, always after applying the moisturizer and before the makeup base.”

Illuminating makeup primer Born to glow! by NYX. With its 2-in-1 formula, it clarifies and prepares the skin ensuring a radiant finish.

2.- Goodbye sponge, hello brush

After choosing the color of the base (always the closest thing to our natural skin tone), Amaia explains that the secret to achieving fresh makeup lies in the accessory we lean towards when applying the product. “To get a more natural finish, we must use a brush and tap it. If we do it with the sponge, the skin is left with more product and the result is more artificial ”, he summarizes. And if the skin is young and there are no imperfections, we can mix it with our moisturizing cream: “If we only want to unify the tone of our skin, we will achieve an even lighter texture”, he adds.

L’Essentiel Natural Glow make-up base, by Guerlain. With 97% natural ingredients, it achieves a natural and luminous finish for 16 hours.

3.- Extra light

Along with the base, the illuminator is the star product for this type of makeup ”, points out Ruiz. The secret for the result to be natural lies in discarding the most iridescent and choosing the most discreet version. For a makeup free of excesses, the makeup artist opts for the cream texture. “They don’t give color, but they do shine; and a feeling of freshness to the skin that is more difficult to achieve with a powder highlighter, ”he says. His advice? Apply it on the upper part of the cheekbone that we have marked previously. “With the sun powder what we will do is sink and with the illuminator highlight,” he explains. Also in the center of the nose, the cupid’s bow and in the tear duct of the eyes: “the perfect combination to show off beautiful, marked and light cheekbones,” he says.

Terracota Skin Stick Highlighter, by Guerlain. With its stick-shaped applicator, it illuminates the skin with pearly reflections in any situation.

4th Bye-bye imperfections

One of the favorite products of makeup artists to alleviate lack of sleep and look good (still owing hours to Morpheus) is the concealer. Amaia advises depositing a droplet at the beginning of the dark circle and “spreading it to the outside of the eye by tapping and without dragging.” But not all the options are valid and depending on the state of our skin we must choose more or less watery formulas. “In young skin you can use high coverage concealer, but if the skin is older, my advice is to use a concealer with a lighter texture to avoid wrinkles from being marked,” he details.

Boiing Cakeless concealer by Benefit. High coverage, waterproof concealer that hides dark circles and skin blemishes.

5th Sun Kissing

It is time to bathe our skin with the most subtle tan to achieve an effect skin minimal . To sculpt our face in a natural way, “we must mark the cheekbone well, just at the sinking point of the bone, and then blend. If we want to sharpen the face, we must blend towards the chin; but if we seek to round it; We will do it towards the nose. We will also mark the contour of the face, affecting the jaw, from the outside to the inside. Thus, there is more light in the center part in a very natural way ”, Amaia points out.

Mineralize blush warm soul sun powder, from Mac. Light sun powder to achieve layer by layer (and without cramming the skin) the desired tan.

6.- Irresistible lips

The pink, pastel and nude tones are positioned at the forefront to give a touch of color to our lips. And if we are looking for an extra juiciness, we can include a primer or a lip repair. “Our lips will be more hydrated and the lipstick will last longer,” he tells us.

7.- A (naturally) irresistible look

In the search for a makeup without fanfare, you cannot miss the mascara. “To awaken and open the gaze, we must apply it from roots to ends and also at the bottom,” says Amaia. “If we apply a shadow, preferably iridescent beige tones. And if the eyelid is not smooth, it is better to use a shadow with a matte finish to hide wrinkles ”, he advises. As a final brushstroke, Ruiz leans for a refreshing mist. “My advice is to sprinkle the product about 50 cm from our face. We will fix the makeup and give a feeling of freshness to our skin ”, he adds. Ready for summer 2021?

They’re real! Mascara by Benefit. Volumizing mascara that lengthens, curves and separates the lashes.

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