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Serum, moisturizing cream, photoprotection… in what order should I apply the creams I put on? | Beauty

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You may not go to the extreme of the Korean beauty routine, which includes 10 daily steps to porcelain skin, but your facials should incorporate at least three or four products to make it really effective. A collection of cosmetics that for those not initiated in this world can be somewhat confusing. To the usual face cleanser, a serum or an oil, a moisturizing cream and a photoprotector are added because, as you already know, applying sun protection is something you should do every day of the year, regardless of whether it is cloudy or if you’re going to the beach or the pool. In this way we find ourselves with a repertoire of products that we are not always clear about how we should apply and in what order. The latter influences, and a lot, as Ana Puelles Lostao, director of the Lostao beauty center, explains to us, for three reasons: “because of the function they are going to perform, because of the vehicle capacity -because not all products have the same – and because it can lose effectiveness”. To clear up doubts, let’s start at the end: the step that should always be the last in your daily facial care routine is to apply sunscreen, “because with sunscreen, you seal all the benefits of the previous products and at the same time you add a base of antioxidants that is key to neutralizing the negative effect of solar radiation”, says Pedro Catalá, cosmetologist, doctor of Pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty. What if we put on makeup? “If we put on makeup, the sun cream is applied first and then the makeup. There is no need to worry because the photoprotector will not lose its effectiveness, whether they are physical or chemical filters. What’s more, by applying make-up after sunscreen, its protection is reinforced because the make-up itself, thanks to the pigments, already protects”, answers Paola Gugliotta, founder of Sepai and APoEM, master’s degree in Dermocosmetics and postgraduate degree in Genetics and Immunology by Harvard. It will act as a kind of “booster or reinforcement against UV rays by acting as a physical barrier against them”, adds Pedro Catalá from Twelve Beauty. Thus, the first step would always be cleaning, using our usual product and adding a purifying mask or some gentle exfoliant during the summer, “once or twice a week to clean more deeply” as Ana Puelles Lostao tells us. Secondly, the serum or facial oil that we use would go. Third, the moisturizer. In fourth the solar and, finally, if we use it, the makeup. A number of products that may seem excessive during the summer and with the high temperatures that we are experiencing these weeks. In this case, the founder of Sepai and APoEM does recommend adapting the beauty routine in summer, “everything with regard to moisturizer, because its action on the skin depends on the weather. The colder it is, the more moisture the skin needs, and the hotter it is, the more the skin sweats and the less it tolerates moisturizers. It is always good to adjust when there is a change in temperature, to a moisturizer that best suits the needs of the skin. And even if the skin accepts the texture, it can behave differently, appearing pimples or dryness with the same moisturizer, depending on the season”, she explains. For Pedro Catalá, the key is not to save steps during this season, since “the high temperatures associated with this time of year increase the risk of the dreaded transepidermal water loss. A phenomenon that is imperceptible to the human eye, but that causes our skin to lose water content” and if we put on makeup, “direct our attention to lighter makeup such as BB Cream or a self-tanner with a good face effect, otherwise we run the risk of saturate our skin because many of the formulations used are water-in-oil emulsions and the feeling is too oily if we add too many layers”. In short, the order of the factors does alter the final result in terms of beauty and it is also key not to give up any of the essential steps of our daily facial care in which, during the summer, sun protection is the last step and the essential.

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