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Every time he gives us self-tanner, the alarm lights go on. Sometimes, because an unnatural orange tone remains, even though they swear it contains the latest generation of DHA. Others, because it dries out the skin and adds years to you. And on many other occasions because it requires a lot of skill to apply and the slightest mistake can mean scratches. James Reid has been giving celebrities fake tans with him for 16 years’tanning hybrid‘: Products that leave you looking like you just came from the beach, while incorporating anti-aging active ingredients, like retinol.

His philosophy is that A quality self tanner should be like a good face lift: Not completely knowledgeable. Keeping this thinking in mind, he has started his line, James read the body. Singers and models such as Lady Gaga, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Lara Stone have passed through their hands. And don’t think it’s just a girl thing. Her list of VIP clients includes men such as Richard Madden, Clive Owen, Ryan Reynolds or Tom Ford for her shows. On the occasion of the arrival of his line in Spain, we at SModa contacted James to find out what’s so special about his products that dazzle so many famous A-lists.

Don’t look like a ‘brown boat’ at first

Photographers want you to be famous for your shoots like they came from Malibu, but without the damaging effects of the sun, and designers so that models don’t look faded on the runway. What makes your Tantone technique more attractive than other self-tanners?

Self tanning is like fashion for me. It’s all about creating a look, achieving a self-tan tone that fits your skin and looks natural. It’s the body someone says ‘I look so good to you’ when they look at you, but they don’t realize that you’re wearing self-tanner.

In Spain we recognize ‘tan de barco’ a league away. And it scares us. With our hands on our hearts, can you say that we’ll get the same golden hue as sunbathing on the beach?

Yes true. My products create the illusion of a real tan. The key is to enhance your natural skin tone as if you were enhancing it, but without changing it.

One of the drawbacks we usually find with self-tanners is that they tend to crack after most days. It can also leave the same number of mild bumps that give the feeling of vitiligo. Are you slowly fading away?

James Reed Tan was the first brand to incorporate proprietary skin care ingredients into self tanners. From hydrating aloe vera with anti-aging properties to red algae or coenzyme Q10, the antioxidant vitamin E or nourishing coconut oil. This way, the skin stays hydrated and the color lasts longer and disappears slowly and naturally.

James then read

The Jameen Reed Tan Collection has on offer for all tastes: from progressive mists to expressing action serums that guarantee a tan in 20 minutes.

wooden ladle trick

Dermatologists constantly warn us that 80% of the signs of aging come from the sun. And there is an undeniable risk of melanoma. We can save all that with a self-tanner. But we are afraid of getting scratched if applied the wrong way. Is there any trick to make us look good forever?

The first thing is to prepare the skin well. it a. apply with broom-shaped kitten And a homogeneous finish without rough rubbing is key. My formulas are designed to blend completely into the skin, so that the result is very natural. Plus, it allows us to apply layer by layer on the same day without leaving any sections.

And in the back?

In areas we don’t reach, my advice is to have a wooden spoon, place mutton on it and fix it with rubber band. The longer handle will allow you to spread the bronzer more evenly and reach the center of your back more easily. On the sides we will act as legs: a uniform sweep, never in circles without a scrub.

Not too much, not too little: just the right amount

Another big question that arises is what is the right amount of naturalizing it. Is there any rule of thumb for this?

I would tell you to judge for yourself when you are implementing this. Start with a few ‘pumps’ and add more layers if necessary.

If we apply too much product, will it darken?

No, it will just be a brighter shade.

But even if, however, we end up looking darker than we’d like, is there a cure?

Rub with a warm cloth moistened with lemon and lime juice.

Click on Read James

The Click & Go’s portable design allows you to mix it in with your daily moisturizer to gently lift your tone (€36).

Click & Go is an ultra-concentrated formula that blends in with your daily moisturizer. How many drops do we have to take in each use?

Two drops to take the color as if you were given the sun while walking, four for a golden tan and six for an intense tan.

You have many blurs. This format is very practical, but, as you apply it very close to the skin, it is easy for drops to fall off and be a mess. At what distance should it be applied to make it homogeneous?

of course Spray 15 cm from body And always from head to toe. I recommend doing this in front of a mirror and resting it on a towel so the floor doesn’t get stained.

The Ultimate: Retinol Self Tanner

The most innovative product in the entire collection is the Sleep Tan Mask, a night mask inspired by Korean remedies. Carrie slow release encapsulated retinol overnight, plus hyaluronic acid and Prodizia to hydrate and stimulate collagen production. In this it is nothing more than an anti-wrinkle like many others on the market. But it is also self tanning. Can we trust that we won’t wake up the next morning with a rough face because the self-tanner soaked into our pillows while we were sleeping?

No, it is very natural from the first application. I call it ‘make up no make up’. If you want it to be darker, reapply it the next night. Since it contains anti-aging ingredients, the skin remains hydrated and with a certain lifting effect.

We know you have to exfoliate before applying self tanner. But also that the skin should be very hydrated. And here the question arises, how and when do we do everything for self-tanning at home with a professional finish?

Always Exfoliate the first 48 and thoroughly hydrate the driest areas – Hands, feet, ankles, elbows, knees… – before applying self-tanner. When I apply it to my clients (I miss it so much!) I use exfoliating wipes to remove old self tanning residue from areas where it can accumulate, like neck, armpits, ankles or ear.

Not another well known brand

Singers, athletes and celebrities of all kinds have launched their own cosmetic lines in recent years. Almost always, they put their name on the products they give them ready-made. Are you 100% yours?

this is. I started thinking about this project ten years ago. I worked with the former Vogue beauty director to put an entirely new spin on the earlier concept of self-tanner. We were looking for a meeting point between care and color. Working as a team is very important to me, it’s not just your name on the finished product. I need to feel that I participate in the creative process because it is my name that is at stake. I am very jealous in this sense and I would never promote a product that does not have my creative seal. Creativity isn’t just my way of thinking, it’s my way of living.

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