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Say goodbye to white spots and feel good in your skin again | beauty, latest

“I want to teach beauty in differences,” defended Winnie Harlow in the video she presented to the television program America’s Next Top Model. The Canadian would not win the contest – she was in sixth position – but it could be said that she fulfilled her promise. After having spent her childhood suffering from bullying because of her vitiligo, the model, a regular on catwalks and magazine covers, managed to normalize the white spots. “There has always been a stigma around this disease, since it was believed that it could be contagious. Fortunately, today, knowledge and visibility have improved a lot thanks to examples like yours,” acknowledges Ana Molina, a doctor specializing in Dermatology, insisting that it is “a purely aesthetic problem, although in some cases it can affect psychologically. and affect the day to day. The misinformation that the doctor talks about has generated many myths around white spots. That is why since 2011, every June 25, the World Health Organization marks World Vitiligo Day to fight against the social stigmatization that these patients still suffer today in many parts of the world. Dr. Ana Molina, an expert in the treatment of white spots on the skin. They are not contagious nor do they understand biases According to published studies, approximately 2% of the world population (nearly 900,000 people in Spain) suffer from this pigmentation deficit, regardless of age, sex or race. “It usually starts around the eyes, mouth, hands and feet, but it can spread to the entire body and affect both sides more or less symmetrically,” warns Dr. Ana Molina, who highlights factors such as genetic predisposition among its possible triggers since it is a multifactorial disease. A condition that denies one of the great hoaxes that exist around them: «They are not contagious nor do they modify the texture of the skin. Its consequences are of an aesthetic nature and, therefore, psychosocial, ”he ditches. White spots can be reversed Although the appearance of white spots cannot be prevented, there are more and more effective solutions that gradually recover their natural color. In the Bella Aurora laboratories, the leading brand in depigmenting cosmetics and specialists in dark spots and white spots, they have worked for four years with the Italian doctor specialized in vitiligo Matteo Bordignon to develop an effective cosmetic treatment that stops the development of this type of spots . Based on the discoveries of the dermatologist about the role of a protein as the culprit in destroying the anchorage of the melanocyte to the basal layer, and thus causing the appearance of white spots, the brand launched the Repigment12 cream on the market in 2021, with the Repigma peptide 12, made up of twelve amino acids, which protects the cells responsible for skin pigmentation and restores its color. The Bella Aurora treatment is based on two steps: the Repigment 12 daily cream, formulated with its innovative Repigma12 peptide; and the food supplement RepigmentSun, with a cocktail of vitamins C, E, Zinc, Selenium and Copper, which prepare the skin for sun exposure and protect it from oxidative damage. In addition, it must be complemented with daily sun exposure. Its use is recommended for at least 6 months or until the area has fully recovered. “It is very important to keep in mind that any treatment must be done correctly in order to be truly effective. In the case of Repigment12, it requires consistency and the cream must be applied day and night, every day. In addition, it is important to complete the treatment by exposing yourself to the sun to reactivate melanin production and for the skin to recover its natural pigmentation,” explains Dr. Ana Molina, who insists on the importance of choosing a treatment with scientific backing, which she has the Bella Aurora laboratories, which have been studying the behavior of the melanocyte for more than 130 years. White spots are not incompatible with the sun Since summer has already arrived and depigmented skin seems more sensitive to sun exposure, we still need to solve that equation: can people with white spots sunbathe? «The repigmentation is produced from the melanocytes present in the hair follicle, therefore, when we expose it to the sun, our white spot may become “flemish”. That is, it looks like a polka dot suit, and this is a very good sign, since it indicates that it is wanting to repigment spontaneously or as a response to treatment. Little by little, these round, brown, mole-shaped islets will enlarge to join together and cover the entire surface of the white spot”, the expert responds optimistically to this treatment, which is restoring hope to many people in the world.

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