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Savor freedom: what happens when we take control of our lives? | Present

White or black? Left or right? Do you study or work? Movie or series? Life is what happens while we decide: according to a psychological study, we make an average of 35,000 decisions a day and that, of the vast majority, we do not even realize. Would it be so bad if instead of asking ourselves so many questions, we just let ourselves go and see what happens? As Nora Ephron told Wellesley College alumnae in a scathing commencement address, “You can always change your mind. I know because I’ve had four careers and three husbands.” Turning everything around and deciding our own direction is also the invitation that the El Águila beer brand launches. A nod to the brave and bohemian spirit of its founder, who at the beginning of 1900 decided to open a factory in the Delicias neighborhood of Madrid like the ones he had discovered on his travels through Europe, in which he would produce drinks with that same non-conformist attitude. The first example is found in El Águila Sin Filtrar, its most iconic recipe, inspired by the brewing methods of the early 20th century in which all its yeast was preserved. To enjoy all its flavor, we must turn the bottle upside down before serving it (without shaking), and thus awaken the suspended yeasts. A beer that encourages us to change our perspective. The Golden Eagle is another emblem of that bold and daring spirit. A special lager with a bright color and white and consistent foam, thanks to a perfect combination of caramelized malts with a refreshing mix of carefully selected hops, to which its exclusive Lemondrop® is added. The result is a flavor with an unexpected hint of citrus. Because El Águila beer is designed to connect with the authenticity of small moments and inspire us to follow our own path, embracing the beauty that lies in uncertainty. Because there is always some reason to toast and celebrate. * The Eagle recommends responsible consumption. Alc. 5.5%

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– Article Written By @S MODA from https://smoda.elpais.com/moda/actualidad/saborea-la-libertad-que-ocurre-cuando-cogemos-las-riendas-de-nuestra-vida/

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