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Rose Byrne: “Fame and success do not reveal who you are, but reveal who you are.” celebrities

  Rose Byrne:

Rose Byrne (Balmain, Australia, 41 years old) laughs every time the question turns a little too personal, to get out of the question about her characters and projects in order to get to know her and her opinion. He lets out a nervous, friendly laugh across the zoom (no camera), responding from Sydney. If in the nearly three decades he has been working in film and television, neither his name nor his face has gained immense popularity, the reason being that he has been able to stay out of the limelight by giving a few interviews and going on necessary rugs. Has been successful. parties. Maintaining intimacy and mystery, while being the partner of another actor, Bobby Cannavale (with whom she has two children, Rocco and Rafa), unlocks the versatility dreamed of by any interpreter in Hollywood. Difficult achievement. Byron learned the hard way. “You have to be aggressive in this business,” she says. His first works were intense dramas which spun him into even more intense plays. After suffering unbearable pain with his character in the series Damages, he told his representatives that he only wanted humour. And there she went, at the casting of “A very good actress, but very serious”. about my riot (2010). Not only did he get the role, but he also managed to make the deranged Russell Brand laugh on set. your co-star in damn neighbor (2014) and its sequel (2016), Seth Rogen says that Byron’s unpredictable improvisation is the key to his sense of humour. One quality that can also be applied to his career is the turns he takes without thinking, without strategies, he says. His latest project, The Eighties Body (which just premiered on Apple TV+), it seems tailor-made for that unexpected adaptability. Byrne plays Sheila, a frustrated housewife who finds her power and takes control of her life through aerobics and VHS. « A pioneer of influential people And today’s lifestyle gurus,” he says.

Rose Byrne: &Quot;Fame And Success Do Not Reveal Who You Are, But Reveal Who You Are.&Quot; Celebrities - Light Home News

Rose Byrne as Sheila in the new series ‘Physical’. Photo: Getty Images

Was she as fond of aerobics as Sheela or not?

I think like many teens, when I was 13 or 14, I used to wear Cindy Crawford, videos of those leggings. but no wait Body I spent three months training through Zoom with a choreographer and I understood that this energy is addictive.

Go from drama to comedy in seconds.

It is a dark story that tells about a woman with a terrible disease, an addiction to food or aerobics, is trapped in a dysfunctional marriage, and Display He is looking for pieces of his life. It’s dark, but a lot of fun. I liked it, for me comedy almost always stems from something tragic.

The turn he took later in his career is understandable Damages, this is Body Proof that she has passed the moment she was pigeonholed as “an intense actress” or “the most sought-after supporting actress in comedy”?

It’s a fun business, you’re successful in one style and they just offer you that. I keep trying to navigate those waters, but having a family changes everything, because your priorities completely change. and i’m still so proud Damages.

When did you start being able to take control of your career?

I really like a phrase: “Success or fame doesn’t change who you are, it tells who you are.” I think it’s completely true. Looks like I’m starting to control… well, maybe it’s just an illusion. It’s chaotic. I’d like to at least have it at home, but with two young kids [se ríe]… I have been in this industry for so long, I have seen all sides of it, heard many stories, failures, successes… you have to keep working and work with no head.

“The Losers Can’t Choose” Is One of Sheila’s Many Star Phrases Body. She is a woman whose inner voice speaks louder and clearer than the voice that comes out of her mouth. Not so with Rose Byrne. Despite a few interviews, she has always been very straightforward about her political, social and feminist positions. She enrolled in gender studies at the university. And it has also reflected his commitment to roles – even the most superficial contributed something “so that it could be interesting as a male character” – and in setting up a production company, dollhouse collective, with a group of Australian friends from the region, focused on female fiction. “It’s about finding a spot at the table, calling yourself, not waiting for the phone to ring,” he explains. He just shot for his first film, severely redIn which he meets his partner again on screen.

with black humor, Body Gloria Steinem has a very political series and premieres after Mrs. America.

I think they go hand in hand. In fact, Mrs. America it ended in 79, and Body It starts in 1981. This is a continuation of that conversation about the place of women. It’s exciting to see women’s stories and our inner struggles move away from clichés. That self-destructive thing sometimes. It’s important to talk about how women can feel personally. Sheila’s feeling that it’s not always safe for a woman to say what she thinks still happens at times.

With Chloe Zhao and Emerald Fennell making history at the Oscars this year, how far has the industry come in the race for equality?

i watch series like this Mrs. America or Body And I know, for a fact, they wouldn’t have been done 10 years or less ago. And it was about time. They are a reflection of what we are experiencing. All these movements, MeToo, Time’s Up, brought changes in this industry, they are changing numbers. Now at least let us ask ourselves: How many women are under-represented at the Oscars? How much black population? Earlier, we didn’t even ask ourselves this. My life is diverse. And I want to see it on screen too. Body This would not have been done 10 years ago and at the same time we are following in the footsteps of other pioneers. there is no time up without time my own room, by Virginia Woolf, with or without secret of femininity, by Betty Friedan, the book I came to feminism with as a youth. We are building on your shoulders. They show us how far we have come and how far we still have to go.

did you base the character of sheila on a leading HealthLike Jane Fonda? We had Eva Nasare in Spain.

Yes? There are so many, I think each country has its own… It’s a more personal series than it sounds, with its creator Annie Weisman, basing it on women like her mother and Susan Somers. Now look at entrepreneurs like Gwyneth Paltrow who have become lifestyle brands in their own right. Body denotes the beginning of all that movement Boom VHS. There it began, with the generation of women of self-discovery, wellbeing, health, taking care of yourself.

Do you follow any of these current lifestyle gurus?

Like anyone, sometimes I go online and end up stuck in an information black hole, influential people… But yes, Tracy Anderson, for example… I went to one of those New York almost cult classes and I remember saying, “I’m going to die, that’s too much for me.” I am different, but in general I think I am a skeptic by nature. As the daughter of two incredibly skeptical parents, I think someone could take advantage of you in some kind of pyramid scheme. Although sometimes I fall…

They are also avenues of empowerment. Have you found yourself from your work, through acting?

Interpretation has been a great resource, no doubt about it. As a child she was very shy, she was not an easy teenager and acting was like a refuge. I liked it though I didn’t know how to survive because I didn’t come from a family of actors or anything like that. I am making my career step by step. It hasn’t happened overnight. I feel like I’ve been acting all my life… “Hi, it’s me again.” Don’t run away from me

Step by step, and a plan B?

No, I’ve never had it. I should have thought about it. I have my moments of doubt, of fear. But it is my way of presenting myself in the world, of moving forward in it. Anyway, empowerment to me is a bit more silent, it’s something that happens inside you, an inner work. It is a quiet place. Finding that location is the important thing.

Has it gotten easier this year to find that calm?

i have two little kids [suelta una carcajada]That’s why chaos always surrounds us. Maybe that’s why I crave silence more than ever. But this pandemic has been, among other things, a lesson in patience. Me and my partner are actors, so we were always here and there and suddenly everything stops. It has become a lesson.

It is not easy to reconcile creative and professional life with family life.

Like any working mom, I always ask myself, “Am I spending enough time with my kids?” “Do I spend a lot of time at home?” And this, while trying to keep working. Balance is not possible. There are good moments and bad moments, you’re always trying, it’s a conversation I have with myself all day. And on the other hand, I see that it has not changed at all: as this year has also shown, it is still more difficult for women. And blame comes from everywhere.

Rose Byrne: &Quot;Fame And Success Do Not Reveal Who You Are, But Reveal Who You Are.&Quot; Celebrities - Light Home News

Rose Byrne with her partner, fellow actor Bobby Cannavale. Photo: Getty Images