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Rocío Aguirre is a fashion and advertising photographer and has been living in Madrid for two years. “I grew up in a city in southern Chile where there were no galleries, museums, and I had nothing to eat. My father worked in advertising and I noticed them and the street signs. I was always trying to analyze how the images would burn, ”he explains. “When I was 17 years old, when I started moving to the capital Santiago de Chile, I started helping friends working in advertising and fashion and I realized that I wanted to dedicate myself to something like this, “He recalls. He came to Spain to expand his career and from 28 to 30 May he displays his latest blueprint at the Hybrid Festival in Madrid. In March last year, he went behind the camera in a documentary made together to share part of his intimacy with his partner C. Tangna Go back home. But she acknowledges that she is on the other side, photographing the world around her.

What was the first photo you took?

One of my family. I know it belongs to me because my mom, dad and brother show up in it and it is made from the bottom because I was small when I took it.

And the last photo?

My last job has been a fashion editorial, but from my mobile I made one of my shoes to remember which one I like and my other face to see my makeup. Just above is one of the bouquets of flowers with a romantic note.

Do you need to surround yourself with beauty?

I need to surround myself with more talent than beauty. There are more creative people around me than beautiful people.

Which type of photography is the one that satisfies you the most?


And who is the person you’ve portrayed the most in your life?

I think I have a boyfriend because I have lived with many people. From ten to twenty-one years of age I wrote a lot in my life diary and when I started dedicating myself to photography I changed the writing from images. I take pictures of everyday life, the food we make, etc. I have many pictures of boyfriends and friends. Always in analog and I have many albums in Chile that I have not been able to bring yet. I was thinking of going before the epidemic to get my luggage but I have not been able to leave yet.

And the person you recently portrayed?

To my lover

Now you are more focused on fashion and advertising, but you also do artistic photography and you will be exhibiting a series of these next month At the Hybrid Festival in Madrid.

Yes, I now experiment a lot with ancient techniques. There was a time when I did a lot of publicity and when I looked back I realized that the portfolio did not represent me. I wanted to fall in love with the one that started me on it. And I started experimenting with old techniques that have become fashionable again in quarantine because it was cheaper, easier to find, and you don’t need dark rooms.

In fact, you teach the course in Cyanotype, a photographic process that receives negative copies of the original in blue.

Yes, at Mixed Arts Laboratory, a super inspiring place in Guadalajara that we share among many people. My idea is to be able to replicate that study in Madrid.

Why did you come to spain

In Chile I felt that I had reached the top, that more of my alternative photography did not make sense and that here I could publish, get more recognition and sell my work. Chile is a new country and does not have that much culture to store because Europe does not have that much money or art history.

In your previous interviews, you take the opportunity to talk about the situation in Chile. Why do you feel the need for it?

Because it was a very important moment that a lot of information was being hidden and I thought it important to condemn the brutal police repression that was and still is. I think it is important to make it visible and I am also proud that people wake up and stop the fear coming from the Pinoshe dictatorship.

You usually also recommend Chilean culture.

Yes, when you are born in a Latin American country, you do not question whether you have to promote it because you live in it. You don’t realize it until you get out. Now I love to find Chileans as incredible as filmmaker Mariali Rivas and her film Young and crazy.

What is the personal experience that has developed you the most?

My last college exam. I did a fashion editorial with the first Haitian people to reach Chile after the earthquake in Haiti. It is very strange for Chile that someone comes with a different color and different language because we are at the end of the world. It was important for me to show it.

What do you feel at home?

Smells like wet cement, with a smell like Santiago de Chile. Or food.


not much. My lover and more. But my favorite dish is a fast food that I like to make and it is a hot dog with sausage, avocado, tomato and mayonnaise.

Do you know people better when you are behind the camera?

When I do portraits, yes because when I take a photo I am doing a kind of interview and there is a second in which I think that person shows me my soul. Portrait helps one get closer to getting to know. This has happened to me with music, I have always related to it and I have boyfriends from that environment. Photography has served as an excuse to talk with the person, find out how the band works, etc.

Did you meet C. Tangana taking pictures of him?

No, in the bar. Hilarious laugh.

Are you comfortable being painted?

No, it costs me a lot. I like someone close to do them for me.

Why do you explain about teaching the soul?

Yes, and because of the connection and trust that must be made to feel comfortable. If it doesn’t cost me a lot. When they snap my picture I get into a character, it makes me insecure to think about what I want to show and what I want to project to Rocio.

But last year you participated in it home return, A documentary that introduced your personal life with C. Tangana during the onset of the epidemic.

And I regret it a little bit. However, because of that, I have decided that I do not want such a relationship to be public. I like to have a sacred relationship. We have also decided not to work together for the same thing, so that no external thing affects us. It was something effortless at the time, we put it together and it was good. But then I realized that I do not like giving people the means to come into my life. That’s how I learned it and I like to show only what I want.

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