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Respect and impudence (and a lot of accent): this is the beer that accompanies us this summer | Fashion, Pleasures

Times don’t change. We are the people who push change and evolve over time. But there are times when we connect in a very special way with our most sincere essence, with our accent. It is then that we realize that we are respectful and cheeky, that our accent is the result of groping our roots to do different things, of being proud of our origin but incorporating everything we have learned. It is in those moments with a lot of accent when we enjoy the most, when we feel truly unique. Like the moment that opens this news captured by the photographer Daniel de Jorge that captures a moment as authentic as it is universal. “Could there be anything more normal than opening a Special Crossfield in your window? The sublimation of everyday life from a romantic point of view. That’s a very accented moment.” Cruzcampo Especial is the beer of the moment with a strong accent. A beer made with a lot of respect and a lot of nerve. Respect, the one that gives him more than a century of brewing expertise, and the nerve to continue doing different, better things. The Cruzcampo Especial Limited Editions are back, the beer of the moment with a strong accent. A special vision Accustomed to capturing Spanish folklore, pop culture and fashion with equal ease, the photographer Daniel de Jorge (@danidjorge on his Instagram profile), offers us the heavily accented image that heads this post. The protagonist of it could be any of us, enjoying a cold Cruzcampo Especial beer from the balcony on a summer afternoon. We have seen this photographer from Madrid capturing unusual details of the Malaga Fair or the Verdiales festivals, always bathed in that unique sun that colors Andalusia. But he also portrayed some of our brightest stars: Antonio Banderas, Samantha Hudson, Nathy Peluso, Anna Castillo, Amaia or Lola Índigo. His fashion editorials have taken him from photographing models in front of the paintings in the Prado Museum to accompanying Alejandro Palomo in Posadas (Córdoba). And he’s only 25 years old. The future is yours.

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– Article Written By @S MODA from https://smoda.elpais.com/placeres/respeto-y-descaro-y-mucho-acento-asi-es-la-cerveza-que-nos-acompana-este-verano/

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