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Queen Letizia wears a blouse made by women survivors of sexual exploitation | Fashion

In a new gesture of support in the fight against human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, Queen Letizia has used a shirt made by women survivors in the training workshop of APRAMP, Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Women Prostituted. She has done it during the meeting that she has held together with a representation of the participants of the I Congress on Trafficking in Human Beings, how to make a hidden reality visible, organized by the Asociación Nuevo Hogar Betania and in which APRAMP participated. The congress, aimed at social, health and justice professionals, State Security Forces and Bodies and students with the aim of raising awareness and training on human trafficking and its relationship with sexual and labor exploitation, was held on last May in Seville. Now the Queen has wanted to hear the conclusions in an audience at the Zarzuela. Letizia combined the blouse with discreet white pants. Photo: Getty The shirt was made in the APRAMP training workshop, located on Calle Ballesta, where women survivors of trafficking are trained in different disciplines as a first step to find employment and therefore to rehabilitate, resocialize and support their exit from the cycle of sexual exploitation. The women of APRAMP have also embroidered for some collections of Spanish designers such as Ulises Mérida. APRAMP’s objective is that people who suffer sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings recover their freedom and dignity by asserting their rights and that they achieve the necessary autonomy to start a new life. The fight against trafficking and exploitation requires the commitment of all social actors and society in general, to develop a “zero tolerance” movement against this form of slavery and violence against women. The Queen with women who work to end sexual exploitation. Photo: Getty

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– Article Written By @S MODA from https://smoda.elpais.com/moda/la-reina-letizia-luce-una-blusa-confeccionada-por-mujeres-supervivientes-de-la-explotacion-sexual/

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