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When we think of classic spa facials, an endless number of ointments and creams to be applied from the neckline come to mind. We certainly do not imagine that all these oils could be destined for the vulvar region. However, the so-called vaginal faces, or as they are baptized in the series bold type from netflix, Vaginal, refers to beauty treatments for the intimate area to hydrate, firm and improve your skin. like in other series unsafe On HBO, the protagonist also decides to try this type of care. Moisturizing cream, scrub, LED light or steam. There are many products and tools that are used to beautify the skin which is the finest and most delicate of the whole body. This is explained by Dr. Ana Molina, a broadcaster and professor of dermatology at the Autonomous University of Madrid. “This includes areas covered by skin, such as the labia majora, but also by mucous membranes, such as the labia minora and the entrance to the vagina. This is a more sensitive area than the rest of the skin, it is usually darker , due to friction and hormonal effects. It has a distinct odor, as it contains specialized sweat glands called apocrine, which produce thick sweat, which consists mainly of the breakdown products of fats, proteins and testosterone. The same Over time, the pH is different from the rest and is necessary to maintain a specific flora, so its change may favor the development of infection”. Now, what exactly happens in the vaginal face?

Be careful in home preparations

The trend comes from England and is becoming popular in Manhattan, where some salons or spas offer similar steps to traditional facials: steam cleaning, exfoliation, hydration, masks and LED lights with an antibacterial purpose. And there are many tutorials on YouTube that show how a combination of homemade products, such as egg whites, cucumber, honey and coconut oil achieves a youthful vulva. It is logical to think that if the skin ages and the skin in this area is thinner and more delicate, partly because it is subject to frequent waxing, it will happily receive suitable cosmetics. That’s what Ana Molina believes. “It is essential to take care of the intimate area, maintain good hygiene and hydration. The problem is that there are many different types of vajaks that can be done at home or in consultation. Some remedies are well thought out, while others include home sales kits with irritating active substances. Also, applying food to that area increases the chances of suffering from contact dermatitis or infection. Neither exfoliation seems appropriate, nor chemical with acid nor physical with dermabrasion, as it can also promote irritation and itching. It is ideal to go to a medical center with a guarantee and experience. Nowadays there are also special units in which dermatologists and gynecologists work in a coordinated manner”, he assures. In the case of protocols carried out in a spa, it usually involves the use of steam as if it were facial hygiene. Dr. Isabel Weilsa, Gynecologist for Eva ClinicThis can be good, because heat, they say, increases circulation, and at the same time tones it. It improves menstrual pain. On the other hand, for the dermatologist, the heat and humidity it creates can aggravate a tropical environment that becomes a breeding ground for fungus and other skin infections. Hydration is also important, especially of the labia majora. Massaging with aromatic oils and vitamins improves their appearance”. And as Vielsa points out, let’s not lose sight of the hair, which can become cystic after waxing. We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for the local skin exfoliation, because, as Dr. Molina explains, “hair removal in the intimate area already attacks the skin and mucous membranes, so it’s better not to do it. Perform more simultaneous procedures favoring hypersensitivity or infection, such as massage, local heat or humidity via sauna or steam.

spa vs medical center

In our country there are still no centers dedicated exclusively to cosmetic treatment of the genital area, but there are medical clinics and beauty centers where rejuvenating treatments of the respective area are performed internally, of the pelvic floor and externally. As Natalia de la Vega, the director of the centers explains Tacha Beauty, which has recently opened a new location in Marbella, “options range from indiba radio frequencies to infrared (such as Thermoline) or lasers, which are able to produce new collagen and improve the quality of the epidermis.” Serums, because the way we need these products on the face, we need them in such a delicate area after a certain age, because of the passage of time, hormonal changes, menopause and childbirth. . And surprisingly, it’s a skin we don’t care about at all, we don’t apply cosmetics.” At her centers, the expert has an exclusive product from the firm Barbara Sturm called V Drops Pre and based on probiotics to maintain the microbiome and balance the local skin barrier, and pharmacy firms such as Isdin include moisturizing and soothing lotions. Dermatologist Ana Molina opts for hyaluronic acid injections to improve hydration, and CO2 lasers to improve tone and prevent vulvar sagging.