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products that contain the golden element as an active ingredient

in search of gold

The Greek poet Sappho said that gold is the son of Zeus and, therefore, incorruptible. Revered for its beauty since the world began, it is the epitome of luxury and a method of expressing it. Considered a noble metal, it fascinates with its chemical richness and complexity. What does it smell like? Although there is some fragrance that includes it among its ingredients —more as a decorative exercise than an olfactory one— perfumeries usually use it to enrich their stories.

divide and conquer

“It is the most glamorous of minerals, but it is not more bioavailable than other more humble ones”, indicates Estefanía Nieto, technical director of Omorovicza, “it does not pass through our skin, it simply adheres”. When presented in the list of ingredients as golden It serves to embellish, stays on the surface and provides luminosity. However, when it appears as colloidal gold, colloidal gold, refers to a powdered gold in nanoparticles. “It has the ability to penetrate and achieve an energizing and revitalizing effect,” says Dr. Beatriz Beltrán.

Instrument for a purpose

Mimi Luzon’s gold masks are viral: “Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, colloidal gold can act as a carrier for other active ingredients, helping to improve their effectiveness,” says the facialist. It is used as a vehicle for other ingredients and as a tool for cabin treatments. At the Instituto Médico Láser, for example, its Dermashape body is applied with a radiofrequency system with gold-plated microneedles. Advantages? The superconductivity of the material.

In the absence of evidence

“Unlike other more common active ingredients in dermocosmetics, with proven and endorsed scientific evidence, there are no solid studies on its effectiveness,” warns Dr. Eduardo Esteban Garrido, an expert dermatologist in cosmetics at the Dr. Morales Raya clinic. Like everything that is applied to the skin, “it could produce adverse effects. However, irritation reactions are rare. It’s not cheap, so firms include it only in formulas premium, making it a guarantee of luxury.

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– Article Written By @Patricia Rodríguez from https://smoda.elpais.com/belleza/cosmetica-con-oro-productos-que-contienen-el-elemento-aureo-como-principio-activo/

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