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Powder sunscreens, are they really effective? | Beauty

Most likely, any dermatologist you ask will agree that the best trick to achieve healthy skin is to protect it from the sun. The sun not only causes premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, but also, according to the American Cancer Society, “Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is the main risk factor for most melanomas”, sunlight being the main source of ultraviolet radiation. An awareness that has taken years, but that finally seems to have been achieved. In 2022, going to the beach smeared with cream or oil (without any protection factor) is history. Thanks to this good practice and in order to help take care of the skin properly, the market is making an effort to bring out products that facilitate this work of protection against the sun. If before putting on sun cream meant sweat and tears and ending with a white plaster effect, now we find all kinds of textures with which you don’t even realize you’re wearing creams. Oils, ultra-fluid formulas, mists and even powders, one of the latest additions to the sunscreen catalogue. A novelty that can sow doubt in the most cautious: can I trust these light sunscreens? All the experts consulted agree on one thing: what matters is not the format but the amount that we apply. Thus, for Dr. Pedro Rodríguez, a dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic, this type of powdered sunscreen is perfectly effective, “as long as we apply it under the same laboratory conditions, that is, the amount equivalent to 2g/cm2 of skin . Therefore, to achieve the promised SPF, a large amount would have to be added.” An amount that for Dr. Sara Carrasco, dermatologist and NAOS collaborator, could be unsightly, in the same way that occurs with colored protectors in other formats. The ideal would be to combine the two types of sunscreen, for Iván Lorenzo, pharmacist and scientific director of Olyan Farma, “it is essential if we want to carry out adequate and effective photoprotection. In addition, in this way we would be combining chemical and physical filters, thus complementing the protection against solar radiation”, he explains to us. Isdin powder sunscreen. This loose or compact powder format would therefore be a complement to cream sun protection. A good alternative when we have to wear makeup. “These presentations are for reinforcement and so as not to have to apply a cream on top of the makeup when you are at an event such as a wedding,” explains Iván Lorenzo, who also points out that in the case of these protectors in powder format, they should be reapplied more constantly: “As it is in powder form, a lot of photoprotector can be lost due to the wind, because it does not sit well on the skin or because the brush does not carry the right amount to perform the function of the solar factor, so it would have to be reapplied more often,” he says. In short, this type of product should not replace the classic sun cream, at least during the summer months and in conditions of strong and intense sun exposure, such as those we have on the beach or in the pool. To find out which format is the most suitable, Dr. Pedro Rodriguez of the Dermatological Clinic gives us the guideline: “when choosing a sunscreen you have to look for individual comfort, something that is not difficult for you to give yourself. For the body, look for lighter textures (such as emulsion) that are easier to apply, but that allow correct coverage. And for the facial region use SPF 50 cream, always reinforcing with physical protection (hat, cap, seek shade…)”.

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