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It turns out that Generation Z (those teenagers and twenty-somethings who show a generational leap that this time is empty) is not that different either. Some dilemmas continue to concern women of all ages and a fundamental one is choosing the correct bra size. The hesitation is not insignificant: 70% do not know how to buy the right model for their chest. Seven out of ten. Maybe that’s why the calculator has been so successful on TikTok A Bra That Fits, that in a few weeks has gone viral.

The tool is not new, in fact it is the protagonist of his own Reddit thread which dates back to 2010. But the rage for her began a few weeks ago, when the lingerie model Alexandra Madison uploaded a video talking about her. The hashtag #abrathatfits It already reaches 33.5 million views on TikTok. On its publication, Madison explained, with a sock stuffed with rice, how two breasts of the same size could have two very different appearances. Also how it matters not only the volume, but the shape and the base: the wider breasts will appear smaller than those that ‘rest’ on a smaller space because, in the words of the model, they will be projected more. But both will need the same bra cup. Therefore, to deduce the height, the calculator takes into account the measurements in different positions, standing, lying down and face down; because the tissue moves with gravity, but the volume remains the same. It also takes into account the gender assigned at birth, because the breast develops and settles differently after hormonal therapy or after surgery. So now the popular social network is full from women discovering that They have used the wrong size during years, generally one or two glasses smaller than those that would correspond to them and with a greater contour.

The size of the bras combines cup and contour: “You have to take measurements of the underbust and the overbust. The cup is the disproportion between chest and back. The standard is 15 centimeters apart, which is cup B. All that moves are the other cups: 20 centimeters, cup C, 25, cup D… ”, Nuria Sardá explained to this magazine. One of the most common mistakes when choosing a model is looking for a cup that molds the breast tissue, when in fact, if you want comfort, you should look for a pattern that embraces it. Also forgetting about a fundamental part, the back, which supports 80% of the weight of the chest, “that is why it is necessary to ensure that the bra is well adjusted to the back”, advised Sardá: never too much, not too little. Furthermore, the back clasp should never be placed higher than the lower chest (the contour just under the chest).

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