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Nicole Kidman appears as a surprise model in the shocking Balenciaga fashion show | Fashion

The presence of Nicole Kidman in the streets of Paris on the occasion of Haute Couture Week already caused surprise yesterday, because the actress is a regular on red carpets but not at fashion events. The night outing from the headquarters of the Balenciaga house dressed in baggy pants and sunglasses completely in keeping with the spirit that Denma Gvasalia has imprinted on the house foreshadowed what has finally happened: she has been together with the usual Kim Kardashian one of the guests of honor of the Georgian designer. But she has not been as a simple celebrity that she sits in the front row, but she has debuted as a model with a spectacular dress. Her marked presence has contrasted sharply with the rest of the mannequins, whose faces have been covered by the Maison’s creative director with shiny black masks that made it impossible to identify those who paraded, thus turning them into living mannequins. The covered faces have also allowed him to play with the gender ambiguities of the participants. In the Instagram video below these lines you can see the full parade. At the exit of the parade, in which Kim Kardashian has been another of the participating faces that she could recognize, Nicole Kidman has greeted the press accompanied by her husband, the Australian singer Keith Urban. PARIS, FRANCE – JULY 06: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban depart at Balenciaga on July 06, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jacopo M. Raule/Getty Images For Balenciaga)

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