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Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson pay tribute to ‘Clueless’ at the premiere of Thor | Fashion

Companions and allies in the new installment of Thor, Thor: Love and Thunder, in which the actresses star alongside Chris Hemworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson, transfer the sisterhood they display in the film to their public appearances and the outfits they choose for them. If they started the week with spectacular dresses from Dior resort and Oscar de la Renta that could fit within the foreseeable for this type of event, yesterday they surprised at a press conference with a look that referred directly to Cher and Dionne’s wardrobe, the unforgettable protagonists of Clueless, the cult film that in its day was considered mere entertainment “for girls” and whose feminist status is now undisputed, as a casual hymn to female friendship and incidentally, a fashion manifesto: its protagonists They are two good friends who, among other things, share a passion for design and sewing (one of the most famous phrases in the film is: “You don’t understand! This is an Alaïa!”). Portman, ambassador of Dior, wore a look that almost literally reproduced Alicia Silverstone’s famous outfit in the film: black crop top, school outfit of miniskirt and jacket with black and yellow kilt and to round off the 90s reminiscences, Doc boots. Martens on the feet. Thompson, who is the image of Armani but maintains a very good relationship with Louis Vuitton, almost literally reproduced Stacey Dash’s clothes, with a total look from Vuitton’s autumn-winter collection made up of a black top that she wore with a white sweater with V neckline underneath and a voluminous A-line skirt. The staging responds to a thoughtful coordination between the actresses, both ambassadors of two fashion flagships, as evidenced by the fact that Portman herself branded her proposal as a “Clueless moment” on her own Instagram.

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