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Momiji Nishiya: Why shouldn’t we be surprised that a 13-year-old girl wins an Olympic medal in skateboarding? Present

  Momiji Nishiya: Why shouldn't we be surprised that a 13-year-old girl wins an Olympic medal in skateboarding?  Present

Only 13 year old Japanese Momiji Nishiya won this Tuesday’s gold medal skateboard in the mode of Street at the Tokyo Olympics. A news, though it may catch the attention of the youth of Nishia, who has become the third youngest person to win an Olympic event, comes as no surprise. In fact, the silver in the same event has also been won by Brazil’s Resa Leal, aged 13, and the bronze by another Japanese, Funa Nakayama, 16.

It’s been a few years, especially among Gen Z members, skateboard This is no longer the exclusive domain of men. If anyone goes to any of these skate park Walk from our country or through MACBA Square in Barcelona (one of the Mecca of national and world skating), although the majority of skaters are men, the appearance of the girls is greater and striking. Not so long ago, skaters were the exception, almost something foreign, but there have always been women. skateboard.

In the 1960s, Patty McGee of California made history by becoming the world’s first professional skater. She also won the first ever Women’s Skateboard Championship which was held in 1964 in Santa Monica and evenand became the cover of the magazine life. But although it was inducted into the Skateboard Hall of Fame in 2010, McGee never gave up a kind of sporting curiosity in his time. A rarity that showcased its skills throughout the United States or on television shows such as The Johnny Carson Show to promote the sale of skates.

To find a comparable story here in Spain, we must move forward a few years, but not by much. first in 1979 skate park In the Catalan city of Arenis de Mant, Spain, A Legendary Place for the History of Spanish Skate, which was forgotten during the ’80s and later rescued in 2012 with a pick and shovel. Angels Borrell, who was part of the Skate Club Catalunya, and was also the first federated skater in our country, was the only girl among the skaters to walk down her ramp in the late ’70s. “I used to spend every weekend in this” skate park“, told the magazine in 2014 Scooter. “Although I was a single girl and sometimes I felt lonely (exactly because of that), it was the only place I wanted to spend every minute of my free time and where I realized after years that I had made some great things. Spent the moments of my life. Life”. This nostalgia of the words of Engels is no coincidence: the skater could not become skater professionally, though perhaps it hadn’t occurred to him to do so.

She Boom Initially it gave way to a certain oblivion during the 80s and, when in the early 90s it again became a trend among young people, and a certain professionalism began to sneak in, it was already 100 % had become a male practice. It is astonishing that the sport that has always claimed to be so rebellious, independent and progressive has taken so many years to include women. Find a girl on the pages of Find thrasher magazinequintessential bible of culture skater Since the 80s, at that time it was an almost impossible task (although, in fact, things have not changed much), but it was precisely the first woman who occupied its cover, which led, by the turn of the century, to Simultaneously, things began to change.

Momiji Nishiya: Why Shouldn'T We Be Surprised That A 13-Year-Old Girl Wins An Olympic Medal In Skateboarding? Present - Light Home News

Cara-Beth Burnside at the 2009 X Games Photo: Getty Images

photo of cara-beth burnside appeared in the prestigious magazine in August 1989, and by then things were very difficult for the skaters. “People traveled and had a lot of opportunities, whereas I had none of them”, Kara told in 2018 Roughly speaking. “There was no women’s competition, so I had to compete with the boys in amateur trials.” But Burnside loved the sport and, despite all the difficulties, continued to skate. Thanks to her tenacity, she managed to gain industry attention and in 1994 she was the first woman to have her own shoe model in collaboration with Vans, but she also managed to make history for her activism on the women’s side Huh. World. skateboard. In 2003, along with fellow skater Jane O’Brien, she got ESPN to create the female form of PN. skateboard Within the X-Games, the most important extreme sports competition in the world. A few years later, however, she prompted a female boycott of the same competition when she learned that her teammates were paid (literally) 50 times more to win a contest. It took the organization three years to correct this injustice, which was corrected in 2008. This is just one example of how difficult it was for the industry to accept women, though it’s not the only one: As of 2015, Nike sponsored no girls who skated; The first Brazilian was Leticia Bufoni, who has also competed at Tokyo 2020.

Momiji Nishiya: Why Shouldn'T We Be Surprised That A 13-Year-Old Girl Wins An Olympic Medal In Skateboarding? Present - Light Home News

Brazilian Leticia Bufoni at a public performance in Rio de Janeiro in 2018. Photo: Getty Images

In Spain, many women have struggled for years to find a place in the panorama skateboard Local. The collective was born in 2009 so ironing in Barcelona. “At that time there were hardly any girls at the spot and not much was known about them either. They were not given much coverage internationally or nationally”, Veronica Trillo, one of the group’s founders, tells us. “In 2009 I began collecting information, sharing it and creating content on the Internet to give light and make small scenes visible skateboard Woman of the moment Thus Asiplanchaba was born and with it the first Tours Women, events and actions to energize the scene, inspire other girls and encourage them to climb another step”. collective name comes a song by tv joker Whose lyrics were: “On Monday before lunch a girl went to play / But she couldn’t play because she had to iron / So she ironed, like this / So she ironed, like this / So she ironed, That’s how / So he ironed that I looked at it.” “We play with that letter, because in street language, ‘ironing’ is a trick to do it with great force and precision,” Vero tells us. “We wanted to change those archaic ways of assigning household chores to women and giving them their place on the street, having fun with a skateboard under their feet or whatever they wanted. Today we as a community talk about Asiplanchaba. I like to think of, a place where all girls have space to express themselves and find new context and inspiration”.

And it seems to be working. Every so often, the presence of skaters in the media and on social networks, a thermometer we have to measure the impact of all this trend, is greater. HBO launched last year betty, a series that has just premiered for its second season, and whose protagonist is a Crew Of skaters Which has turned its actresses and skaters into a cult phenomenon.

But even in our country there is a small group of skaters who stand out in and out of the network. among them we can highlight Tasting Diazu, Tania Cruzo, Camila Ruizo, Andrea Wilshusen Or Andrea BenitezThe 26-year-old Andalusian has created history by representing Spain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Verónica de Asíplanchaba closely lived the entire process, culminating in this participation in the Games, as she was one of the participants, representing skateboard The Women in National Skate Committee was formed by the Royal Spanish Skating Federation to prepare for this competition. He also experienced initial doubts arising in the community. skater On the consequences of the inclusion of sports in the Olympic Games. “The community was divided among those who wanted skateboard be pure, underground, unprofessional and he saw a threat to the roots and their true essence in the Olympic Games; And those who saw it as an opportunity to make things possible, such as to build a career for many people, not only as a sport, but also to coach, monitor, technical teams, create vacancies, scholarships or more . skate park. as well as who ceases to understand it skaters, they are persecuted, etc. I personally believe that sports will give a lot more visibility to these games skateboard, they will open many opportunities for those who did not have”.

Rates Veronica’s Present Moment skateboard Woman as a “Precious Spring”: “Today the girls are blooming” skate park, Present To employees In many cities, Instagram is like a big screen to the world and there are hundreds of channels where you can see girls from all countries, races, colors, ages, levels and styles”, she tells us. “And we love it, because that’s what it is in a nutshell” skateboardIt’s not about the trick or the ‘slime’, that too. For us, its essence is a way to express yourself, your creativity and your personal style with a board and four wheels, and this unique magic is available to almost everyone. this is that skateboard Real, the one you can find on the streets and where each person expresses himself how he feels”.