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Milena Busquets: “I have never worked much, sometimes by my own decision and others because I simply didn’t have a job” | Wellness

Milena Busquets has a resounding laugh, which stands out and spreads in equal parts. She is enthusiastic about Cadaqués and affirms that Proust widened her gaze before the world. The writer was born in Barcelona and studied Archeology at University College London. She jumped from understanding life through the material remains of ancient civilizations to understanding it through words. After working for many years in the publishing world, she has published the novels Today I have met someone, This will also pass and Gema, and the compilation of journalistic texts Elegant Men and other articles. Of her writing, the author says many things: “You write against yourself first and then against everyone. You put yourself on the ropes, it’s the loneliest job in the world, you don’t even have yourself, you present yourself completely stripped, it’s worse than love. Milena acknowledges in the Hotel Jorge Juan podcast that, if she were aware that she writes for others, she would not dare to capture reflections as intimate as those she shares in Las vozs justas, a newspaper that appeals to the emotions of those who read with such varied topics. like love, children, elegance or the passage of time. Once her latest book has been published, the author talks about the effort involved in finding the right words when writing, how she disconnects and her preferences when resting. Finding moments of absolute inactivity It is not difficult for me to find moments to rest. I’ve never worked much, sometimes on my own and sometimes because I just didn’t have a job, so I don’t need to set limits. Sometimes I have felt guilty for not being productive, but I have always thought that rest, reflection and moments of absolute inactivity are important. As places to disconnect, I love my sofa, but I also rest when I go on vacation with my children, even if we don’t stop for a minute. The physical effort of writing By rest I understand what everyone understands, I suppose: being able to sleep enough or whatever one feels like it, dedicate the day to the things that you want, reading, walking, being with your children, bathing at sea, long meals and after-meals. Writing, sometimes, helps me to disconnect, but it’s something else, maybe you disconnect, but you don’t rest, writing is an important physical effort. Finding the right words is the most exhausting thing in the world, even for someone whose profession consists precisely of that. Being close to the Mediterranean, treating yourself with care and laughter as therapy The truth is that I don’t have magic tricks, treating myself with care, sleeping and eating well, being with people who make me laugh, being near the Mediterranean if possible, bathing in the sea. When I realize that I’m a bit on edge, after publishing and promoting a book, for example, I take four or five days off, sometimes just to be at home doing nothing but watching series, taking care of the house and my children, to think. When I get stressed, I have a really bad time! When I’m better: yoga, good friends, children, tea, looking out the window and thinking that I’m healthy and two or three people around me who love me, and that the rest, after all, doesn’t matter too much. About what to do to rest well It depends. Do not force myself to go to sleep even if it is late if I am not sleepy. Drink very little alcohol at night, maximum one glass. A good bed, good sheets, a good pillow. Someone close to you. Gloom. Little noise. The open window. The noise of a quiet street. A book, a series, a song that relaxes Good literature always relaxes me, Delibes, for example, The Dethroned Prince, which I reread a couple of days ago. The cooking shows, the latest, Iron chef on Netflix. Infallible song: Why worry by Dire Straits. Company: my children, my real friends.

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