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“Men must educate ourselves and measure our limits”: the surprising message from reggaeton singer Guaynaa at the MTV Millennial Awards | News, Fashion

That award ceremonies become an excuse for artists of different backgrounds to show off their activism by collecting awards is nothing new. Yes, it is perhaps more striking and interesting that this occurs at the MTV Millennial Awards in Mexico, where emerging music talents throughout Latin America are awarded. Last night, between extravagant triumphal entrances, where that of the singer Karla Díaz stood out, who appeared on a unicorn, the pink carpet of the became this Friday a platform to raise the voice on ecological issues, the freedom of social networks , social responsibility and gender violence. The latter is especially important in a country where femicides are a terrible endemic evil and where the deeply rooted patriarchal culture has taken a long time to recognize this evil. Carla Diaz. For this reason, the words of the Puerto Rican reggaeton player Guaynaa upon his arrival at the awards entrance have a special meaning, coming from a man and one, moreover, who is a specialist in a musical genre that is frequently accused of sexism: “(La violence against women) It is a problem that is not one of security (…) it is more an educational issue than one of insecurity. We men must educate ourselves and measure our limits (…) there must be more spokespersons to carry the message”. Guaynaa, who achieved success and global recognition in 2018 thanks to a hit titled Rebota, has always been characterized by an unconventional approach to the genre and a fierce defense of the right to “free perreo”, that is, for him sex has to be sexism. The event had also reserved two special prizes to recognize social struggles: one went to the trans activist Natalia Lane, who spoke of her group’s struggle to achieve respect and equality. Natalie Lane. The other was for the ecological activist and defender of indigenous territory Mitzy Violeta Cortés: “I think it is important to be able to talk about the resistance we (indigenous peoples) have. And to echo the work that is being done and hopefully it will be well received by the audience”. Mitzy Violeta Cortes. Among the most anticipated shows of the night was that of Becky G, who has also become famous for her defense of the right to equal treatment between men and women in the reggaeton scene. This year, in an interview with EL PAÍS, the singer spoke of the problems that her great success, Mayores, caused her: «I really enjoyed the process, it was my first world hit. But it was also Bad Bunny’s and nobody questioned what he said. However, the fact that I said the phrase “That it doesn’t fit in my mouth”, playing with the ambiguity of kisses, bothered me a lot. Around the same time, Enrique Iglesias used to say that “In your mouth I want to finish” and nobody seemed to care. What they said didn’t matter because they were men. It was fun to make people wonder why what I said bothered them so much.” Becky G and Jimena Jimenez.

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