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Men also get Botox: this is their profile and their reasons | Beauty

Men are increasingly approaching aesthetic centers to improve their appearance. As the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) points out in its 2019 report on the sector, in Spain there is a lack of in-depth studies by institutions such as the INE on this field. But what is known is that the SEME estimates the number of men out of the total users of aesthetic medicine at 28.2%. The organization, which has recently published its 2020 study and in it points out that botulinum toxin represents 42% of all injectables, also deduces that 13.3% of men use what is known as Botox, the name of a brand that markets said toxin. Although its use is increasingly common among the male public, there is still reluctance among many men when it comes to being treated in a center. Why? Brad Pitt’s appearance on the August cover of the American edition of GQ magazine has not left anyone indifferent. Various outlets like Menzig have drawn attention to how he resembles other actors more than himself, from Homelander and Ray Liotta to Chelsea Handler. In social networks, some comments gave good proof of how physical scrutiny sometimes escapes sexism and men are also attacked for their aesthetic changes. Dr. Leo Cerrud, with a clinic in Madrid and Panama, explains that it has generated such a stir because “an indisputable heartthrob, well known as an actor who never did anything, suddenly at 58 has decided to do something, and he goes from one face hard to somewhat sweetened, that’s why it draws attention “. Dr. Nayra Merino, a dermatologist at the Dermamedicin clinics in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and a member of the Spanish Group of Aesthetic and Therapeutic Dermatology (GEDET), adds that the type of treatments that some men follow to improve their appearance involves using “hyaluronic acid in the lower and middle third to project the cheekbone and improve the nasolabial fold and fight against flaccidity”. For Cerrud, the appearance of these images of celebrities with changed faces, contrary to what one might believe, does not help the sector. “Sometimes it can scare away men from aesthetic medicine, they see it and think: ‘I’m not going to go to a clinic to go out like this.’ But it’s not real.” The consulted experts reassure: the botulinum toxin, better known by the name of a brand, Botox, does not modify the features. “The toxin decreases muscle contraction, it seems that you have gone on vacation, it is not noticeable and patients usually say: ‘Oh, how good I see you!'”, Merino assures. “What swells and modifies are the fillers, such as hyaluronic acid,” she adds, something that Cerrud also points to. Another theory that they dismantle is that men are more noticeable about interventions than women. Dr. María Vicente, aesthetic surgeon and doctor at Virtud Estética, with centers in Murcia and Lorca, points out who is in charge of the treatment as one of the reasons. “You don’t have to be more marked in them, as long as it is injected by someone expert and with knowledge of anatomy and facialism. Unfortunately, not all injectors have the same training and experience, especially when injecting men. If you arrive late to it and do it very quickly, you score more”. Both Cerrud and Merino point to being in their thirties as an optimal stage in which to start using botulinum toxin if you want to maintain that natural result. Of course, everyone recognizes that there are exceptions, depending on factors such as genetics. “There are men who can start very early (legally they can from the age of 18) because some genetically have very marked vertical wrinkles in this area between the eyebrows, which give an appearance of disgust or anger,” says Vicente. Once the patient has made the decision, he must choose the clinic where the Botox will be injected. “I would recommend consulting several experts before choosing one,” advises Cerrud. Once again, the importance of the professional in the intervention appears. The areas where it should be applied are very specific: the upper third of the face, that is, the forehead, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet. Doses and injection sites differ from woman to woman. Cerrud indicates that between the eyebrows they need more quantity because it is stronger and marked than theirs. He, Merino and Vicente agree to avoid the point of the eyebrow where women are given to go up. “You always have to avoid the ‘mefisto’ eyebrow effect, also called ‘shoemaker’, due to the appearance of these inverted V eyebrows”, Vicente abounds. In addition, they emphasize the importance of naturalness. “We do not want to eliminate, but rather recover, that it is not obvious, because what is obvious is vulgar,” says Cerrud. “That you see a little brand on a man looks good, natural, we don’t want that porcelain effect that we look for in women.” Vicente agrees and in cases of slight expression marks he comments that many prefer not to touch the forehead to protect the desired naturalness. After all, culturally, men’s wrinkles have always been much more accepted than women’s. The state of the wrinkle will also influence the specific needs and the replacement time. Merino deepens that, “if the wrinkle is very marked, hyaluronic acid should be added to fill it in”. Always, yes, gradually so that it has a natural effect. Vicente details the procedure: “In these cases, two treatments are carried out: first Botox, then the botulinum toxin check-up after 15 days and, once we have relaxed the muscles, we will use hyaluronic acid to lift the deep wrinkle and that, when more time passes, instead of getting worse they have been eliminated”. Regarding the periodicity, the recommendations of these experts range from the four months that Cerrud bets on to the six that Merino prefers. Always, of course, adjusting to the specific case of the patient. Can Botox have any health contraindications? As explained in Medical Writing, “a slight fleeting inflammation or a hematoma may appear at the injection sites, with immediate social reintegration.” In addition, although it is very rare to occur, it could cause a headache or flu-like symptoms. “They haven’t realized that I have” Leo Cerrud’s discovery of Botox connects with his professional history. “He was a family doctor and, in addition, he worked in a health magazine and carried beauty and cosmetic articles,” the story begins. “A collaborator told me that there was a doctor in Madrid who wanted to promote Botox. Out of ignorance I told her: ‘How horrible!’ I thought it was something for older ladies, the Duchess of Alba or Nicole Kidman. But I went and tried it. He injected me between the eyebrows and when I saw myself I thought: ‘But what is this?’ I spoke with this doctor and he told me about the existence of clinics, of aesthetic medicine… I was fascinated and decided to dedicate myself to it”, says Cerrud. Roberto Ortega is also a regular user of Botox. This 45-year-old from Madrid was introduced to Cerrud, with whom he worked on communication issues. “One day he let me out: ‘I’m going to give you a poisoned gift.’ He meant that, once he tried it, he was not going to want to leave it, ”reveals Ortega. And he says that, before injecting it for the first time, he mentioned it to a few people with whom he has more confidence. Their reaction came from the ignorance narrated by the experts. “They told me how was I going to do that, that I was going to change my face.” Ortega finally decided to inject himself. “They all changed their minds, they told me that I looked very good, that I looked better.” He emphasizes that the people to whom he did not tell about the intervention have not noticed. “They just tell me: ‘You have a good face, you seem to have slept well!’ Ortega, who has also injected Botox with other professionals since that first time, emphasizes the importance of the doctor. “I’ve worn it with people I trust and the results have always been splendid.” So much so that he, he assures, that many acquaintances around him have been encouraged to put themselves in the hands of these experts. “I’ve been told, ‘I want to look that best.’ I have dragged my friends to get Botox too, ”he concludes.

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