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‘Marginalized’: Against the need to fit into the memories of Mikaela Coyle | Happiness

  'Marginalized': Against the need to fit into the memories of Mikaela Coyle |  Happiness

In 2018, from the stage of the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Michaela Koel gave a passionate speech that revolved around the difficulty of being different, whether based on gender, race or class. Since then, the producer, screenwriter and protagonist of i could destroy you (HBO), the woman who said ‘no’ to the million dollars that Netflix offered to work with the BBC and HBO, is one of the most prolific cast ever to analyze the present and the future. The new fantastical mind of the imagination.

Of Ghanaian descent – ​​her mother came to London and raised her children alone while cleaning stairs and working as a nurse – and after winning several nominations and awards at BAFTA and Emmy Awards for her series, Cuckoo was released on 6 October in Spanish. will be published in Today’s Topics With translation by Moha Gerehou The Marginalized: A Personal Manifesto. She has memoirs in which she traces her way from her childhood at a public housing estate in London’s richest and most aggressive neighborhood to the passion for theater exploration and storytelling that propelled her to the elite of the audio-visual industry Is.

'Marginalized': Against The Need To Fit Into The Memories Of Mikaela Coyle | Happiness - Light Home News

From the editorial point of view that the producer’s expected text is “aggressively honest, sharp and dynamic” and that the volume “is presented as a manifesto to all who have ever felt isolated. A proclamation in favor of the need to care for others. Or as Koel himself writes in the book: 2 An outcast is one who sees life differently. On the other hand, many others are marginalized because this life who sees them differently.

This is not the only project that awaits the British, a few days ago it was announced that she would participate in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, The sequel to Ryan Gogler’s breakthrough film and in which he will share the screen with Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Daniel Kaluuya or Lupita Nyong’o.

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