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Mango “fulfills the dream” of opening a large store on Fifth Avenue | Fashion

Mango "fulfills the dream" of opening a large store on Fifth Avenue |  Fashion

Bringing the Mediterranean to Fifth Avenue in New York. That is the objective that Mango has set itself with the opening of its new store at number 711 on the emblematic New York street. “Fifth Avenue is the dream of any retailer,” says Daniel López, director of Expansion at Mango, during the presentation in New York of the flagship store that marks “a milestone” in the growth plan of the Barcelona company in the United States. United, according to its CEO, Toni Ruiz. “We believe in stores, it is a privileged meeting point with the customer,” Ruiz underlines. That is why they plan to open 40 stores by the end of 2024 in the US (in states such as Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Texas or California), a market that the company wants to place among its top five at that time, which means a turnover “per above 100 million”, Ruiz specifies, which they calculate to achieve “soon”. For this, the Fifth Avenue flagship, which joins its other large New York store in SoHo (opened in 2007 and renovated in 2017), is an essential step. Its objective, emphasizes López, is “to consolidate brand awareness in this market”, and the company wants to achieve this “by creating a unique and extraordinary experience for customers”, says César de Vicente, director of Retail. The three-story, 2,100-square-meter venue located in the historic Grande Dame building on Fifth Avenue exudes Mediterranean. De Vicente explains that the firm’s architects have designed it and that 70% of the materials have been recycled in the work. The floor wood has been reused, the terrazzo, tuff bricks and ceramics are present. Walls have been thrown to create windows, the arches mark the transitions of the spaces, and the aroma of the establishment evokes fresh figs. An installation created with esparto grass brought from Alicante links the shop windows, the work is called ‘Mediterranean Wave’. All sensations count. Some details of the accessories area in the new Mango store in New York. Photo: Courtesy of Mango Upon entering this location, wood and white, clarity prevails. And at the bottom of the floor at street level, a microLED screen recreates the Mediterranean Sea with visuals that will change to show both the firm’s collections and digital works of art, indicates De Vicente. Because the union with art has been a starting point to create this new flagship store. For 11 days, original works by Joan Miró, Antoni Tàpies and Miquel Barceló can be seen there, along with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that reinterpret them. These digital works are also exhibited in the Metaverse of the Decentreland platform. Detail of the interior of the new Mango store in New York. Photo: Courtesy of Mango “We wanted to create a physical museum, a digital museum and a virtual museum, all at the same time,” explains De Vicente, who sees it as important to be present at the start of this new stage of virtuality in fashion. But always without forgetting the human factor. “The most important thing is the 50-person team that is going to be in this store,” he says. The technology will help to speed up processes, with services such as Click and Collect and the staff will advise the client based on data collected digitally about their tastes and will offer customization services through the Tailoring section, a workshop located on the top floor and where the client can ask for a bass to be taken, some initials to be embroidered or a jacket to be adjusted. “Technology is not an end, it is a means”, repeats De Vicente. The medium that allows defining new ways of relating to consumers, which the company will gradually explore with this new expansion. Katie Holmes at the event celebrating the opening of Mango on Fifth Avenue. Photo: Courtesy of Mango

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