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Lose seven kilos in three weeks to wear Marilyn Monroe’s dress: the story behind Kim Kardashian’s ‘look’ | Fashion

It’s been 60 years since Marilyn Monroe sang to him happy birthday John Fitzgerald Kennedy at a party for the Democratic president’s 45th birthday. It was 1962 and the literature of the time assures that Jackie Kennedy did not attend the tribute to her husband because she knew that Marilyn Monroe would act and suspected that they had a relationship. Six decades later, the most important businesswoman and influencer in the world, Kim Kardashian – who could be considered a kind of Marilyn Monroe of our time – has rescued the historic dress to attend the most important event of the year in the world of fashion: the Met gala.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian posing at the Met Gala. (Getty)

The dress, thanks to which Marilyn Monroe starred in hundreds of headlines –she wore it without underwear and so tight that it was torn throughout the evening–, has led Kim Kardashian to repeat history making it the look most commented of the night. But the road to get to wear it has not been easy. Kim Kardashian herself told her arrival on the red carpet how the process had been to be able to fasten it. “I had the idea of ​​wearing this dress, but when I tried it on, it didn’t fit. So I told them, ‘I need three weeks and it will do.’ And I lost seven kilos », she has recounted before the microphones. “It has been quite a challenge, but I am a very determined person. I honestly think no one believed I could do it, but I did,” she added. When she was asked how she had achieved her goal, she explained that she had been on a very strict diet in which she ate “no carbohydrates or sugar” for three weeks.

Kim Kardashian, who was accompanied by her new partner, the American comedian Pete Davidson, joked that all the sacrifices to wear the dress were over and that when they arrived at the hotel they would celebrate a party “with pizza and donuts”. According to the US edition of the vogue magazine, the influencer has actually only worn the garment for a few minutes: the time it took to walk the red carpet and climb the stairs that give access to the party at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Later, she has changed and has worn a replica. “I have a lot of respect for the piece. I would never sit down or eat anything with him », she has declared to the publication.

But how does Kim Kardashian manage to get a museum piece out to take it to a red carpet? Apparently, the influencer, who exceeds 307 million followers On Instagram, She is a big fan of auctions and has several pieces from JFK, which would have led her to easily contact the current owners of the dress to start a negotiation.

Kim Kardashian in a Marilyn Monroe dress. (Getty).

Marilyn Monroe paid designer Jean-Louis $1,440 in 1962 to tailor the garment. In 1999, the dress sold for more than a million dollars at Christie’s, as part of an auction with various personal belongings of the actress. Later, in 2016, it was auctioned again for a whopping 4.8 million dollars at Julien’s Auctions and was subsequently acquired by the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, which has managed permission for Kim Kardashian to wear it, although it was only a few minutes. Until now it held the record for being the most expensive dress ever sold at auction. Starting today, it’s also Met Gala history.

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