Home Lifestyle Kovid created a ruckus regarding cleanliness

Kovid created a ruckus regarding cleanliness

Kovid created a ruckus regarding cleanliness

Cleaning has become more than a routine after the pandemic. The smell of clean, most in demand: “The tastes of consumers generally do not change much from one year to the next; They are generational”, explains Martina Bianchini, President of the International Perfume Association (IFRA), “However, the COVID pandemic has brought about significant changes and people are moving towards products with the qualities of ‘hygiene’, ‘hygiene’ or freshness. .

According to the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics (Stampa), hand soap purchases increased by 295% in 2020. But the demand didn’t stop there: “Well, the hygiene and personal hygiene category is positioned as the starting engine for physical stores, with a growth of 9%”, they confirm to the association. Those months saw a major change in the buyer’s mind that can already be seen in new habits and routines: “With the pandemic we became aware of the importance of cleanliness not only as an aesthetic, but for our physical health. are.”, explains the psychologist Maria Consuelo VillasanchezuMember of Doctoralia, “Something we didn’t consider, the possibility of being infected with the virus and being able to neutralize it with soap and water, established a new consciousness in us. Bathing makes us feel safe on a psychological level.” ” A new need correlates with a growing demand for more sustainable products: in Europe, 21% of launches in this category already claim to be more ecological, up 7% from 2016, according to Mintel Consultancy. Firms cover the need for solid formulas that require less water to manufacture, with traceable raw materials or focus on reducing the impact of packaging.

Cleaning: Like Jasper

In the tray above, KIEHL’s Glycerin Soap (€12) and VALQUER Solid Shampoo (€9.95); In the center, the fresh and clean Palazzo Nobel Fiji Mint Fragrance by Valmont (€148), Jo Malone hand and body gel (€35, 250ml) and GreenSense Shampoo Bar (€10.90); Below, the bottle of L’OCCITANE refillable gel (€27), YVES ROCHER solid shampoo (€7.95) and ACQUA DI PARMA soap powder (€29). Photo: Antarctica / Feelings: Ana Regina Garcia